The Queen eats hamburgers in the weirdest way and honestly, we're intrigued

The Queen likes to eat hamburgers in a really bizarre way according to her private chef

Queen Elizabeth II smiles during a visit to the Edinburgh Climate Change Institute
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The Queen's former royal chef Darren McGrady, revealed that her majesty enjoys American hamburgers. However, they aren’t quite what you might expect.

The Queen's former chef revealed that Her Royal Highness enjoys eating burgers, but it's not quite a Big Mac or a Whopper that the Queen enjoys...

He explained that the Queen prefers to eat her meat patties bunless so that she can enjoy the meal with a knife and fork. 

The chef told Insider, "Her Majesty's Victorian upbringing dictates that the only thing you would pick up and eat with your fingers is afternoon tea." 

To be honest, we'd probably expect nothing less from HRH, she is a Queen and it's pretty understandable that finger food probably isn't her forte, but it gets even weirder. 

Instead of opting for a condiment like ketchup or mustard or even relish, the Queen prefers to eat her burger with cranberry sauce. That's right, the sauce that is really only served with turkey at Thanksgiving or Christmas, that's the Queen's condiment of choice for her burger.

This regal way to eat a burger is either classy or gross, and we're not quite sure which we are leaning towards.

The Queen

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A company called Foodhub found out about the Queen's interesting burger habit and created a Ma'amburger for a limited time using her recipe.

Per the Mirror, Ardian Mula, CEO of Foodhub, said, "With it being National Burger Day, we had to do something special to celebrate everyone's favorite tasty treat."

"We know the public love tasting new burgers, so we thought we'd introduce them to one of the Queen's favorite snack—which we've called the Ma'amburger"

"Once we found out Queen Elizabeth loved a burger with no bun and smothered in cranberry sauce, we knew we had to recreate it and offer our customers the chance to live like royalty for the day."

They were so excited to share the new dish that they even delivered a portion to Buckingham Palace!

And it isn't just the Queen who has bizarre eating habits in the royal family. 

Exactly what the royals can and can't eat has been a perpetually confusing topic. There are common foods that the royal family is banned from eating and there is also secrecy around why the Queen has never revealed her favorite meal.

Recently, it was also revealed that Prince Charles’ has a very unusual lunch habit, in that the senior royal never eats lunch and prefers to skip the meal at lunchtime altogether.

Even the young members of the royal family have interesting food habits. Kate Middleton revealed Princess Charlotte's favorite snack is olives and the youngster also enjoys spicy curries—a pretty impressive palette for someone who is just six years old.

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