Prince William rolls up his sleeves and gets stuck into a work shift we never expected from the future King!

Prince William surprised members of the public at the weekend as he promoted an important cause while selling fast food!

Prince William surprised members of the public
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Prince William surprised members of the public as he teamed up with Sorted Food for a tasty collaboration that focused on climate change.

Royal fans and members of the public were left gobsmacked when they visited a burger truck only to find that their server was Prince William, the future King! 

In collaboration with Sorted Food, the Prince of Wales promoted his Earthshot Prize by using a burger van to sell burgers that were created and packaged using crops, stoves, and materials for packaging made by former winners of the Earthshot Prize.

Prince William surprised members of the public by popping up from behind the counter to serve the purchasers with their burgers and give them a brief introduction to the Earthshot Prize and how it is attempting to combat the climate crisis.

Fans absolutely adored this collaboration and many took to social media to compliment the Prince for this down-to-earth venture. "A collab for the history books ❤️ saving the planet a burger at a time 🍔," said one commenter. "Great collaboration 🙌 and such fun way to combine the three winning solutions into a brilliant initiative 👏," said another.

"What an incredible day and opportunity to spread such an important message!! 🙌🙌🙌" a third added. "His dedication is just very admirable and the way he talks about the project with so much pride in his eyes!! He is committed to change the world for everybody!" said yet another commenter.

The members of the public who appeared in the video seemed equally delighted to meet the Prince of Wales, particularly in such a surprising location!

An extended video of the Prince's burger van stint was posted on Youtube and fans were able to get a real inside view about how the Earthshot Prize has already helped to combat some key issues. The burger was made from ingredients grown in a Keyti greenhouse, then they were cooked on a Mukuru Clean stove, and then served in NotPla packaging. All of these inventions were made by former Earthshot winners who received prize money from the Prince's charity to help fund their environmentally friendly businesses.

The Earthshot Prize is an environmental award celebrating innovators creating solutions to help combat the climate crisis. Entrants can propose ideas under the following categories: the restoration and protection of nature; air cleanliness; ocean revival; waste-free living; and climate action. 

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