Prince William gets blasted on social media for asking Britons to 'reset' for climate

People on social media are not happy with the Prince's message

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge speaks during an audience at Buckingham Palace on January 20, 2020 in London, England.
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Social media is blasting Prince William after he called for Britons to "reset" the climate. People are insinuating that the Prince is a hypocrite since he and his family do not practice eco-friendly habits.

During the Conservation International Gala in the U.K., the Duke of Cambridge broadcasted a video message calling for humanity to “reset our relationship with nature and our trajectory as a species.” He also claimed that the next decade will be "one of our greatest tests." 

His message came as a response to the predicted climate disasters that could occur in the future. He also expressed his worry for people in areas most vulnerable to natural disasters, calling people to action to start making more sustainable changes.

While his message may have been well-intended, people on social media were quick to point out his double standards.

One user on Twitter called out the Royal's carbon footprint, writing, "I've just seen Prince William on TV preaching about climate change. I'd like to know how big the Royal's (and their entourage) carbon footprint is over the last 50 years?"

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Another user also called him out for his sustainability track record.

"When we see Kate and him on bikes, moving into [an] eco-home and reusing the same clothes, maybe I'll pay attention." 

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This is not the first time the Royal Family has faced backlash after making claims about climate change. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle received criticism during their time with the royal family for speaking out about climate change and heavily using private jets for travel.

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