The Queen thinks Prince Harry is ‘a bit of a lost soul like her sister,’ says Royal Biographer

A Royal Biographer has claimed that the Queen sees a unique similarity between her sister Princess Margaret and her grandson Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Princess Margaret
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Royal Biographer, Andrew Morton, has revealed that the Queen thinks Prince Harry and Princess Margaret have more in common than one might think.

• A Royal Biographer has revealed that the Queen sees Prince Harry as a 'lost soul'
• Andrew Morton also revealed that the Queen sees a kinship between her sister Margaret and her grandson Prince Harry
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Andrew Morton, the royal biographer behind ‘Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words,’ and new book ‘Elizabeth & Margaret: The Intimate World of the Windsor Sisters,’ has revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair that the Queen sees a lot of similarities between Prince Harry and Princess Margaret. 

The biographer revealed, “I think the Queen knows that being the spare is hard and a part of her recognizes that Harry was a sometimes a bit of a lost soul just like her sister.” 

He continued to reveal, “She has always wanted to protect Harry and I think in part that’s because she watched Margaret fall victim to the system. Shutting out Margaret didn’t help and the Queen has learned from that. She didn’t want history to repeat itself with Harry.”

The biographer revealed that both Margaret and Harry have a rebellious spirit.“When you compare personalities, Harry is like Margaret, a royal rebel,” he said. “Margaret once said ‘disobedience is my joy’ and you see some of that in Harry. The Queen also knew Margaret sometimes felt like an outsider and I think that’s why she has made sure the door is always open for Harry to return to the royal fold. She will have a lot of empathy and sympathy for him because she grew up watching her younger sister act the role of the spare, which is not easy.”

Morton revealed to Vanity Fair that Princess Margaret felt that she was in the Queen’s shadow for most of her life and struggled with being number two. “Margaret often felt that she was in Elizabeth’s shadow. She was four years younger, and tried to make up for the age difference by wearing the same clothes and doing the same things as her older sister, but there was a hierarchy and Margaret always came behind the Queen. She found out very soon in life that she would be number two.” 

The biographer sympathised with Prince Harry and Princess Margaret as he said, “The Royal Family is a hierarchy and if you’re not number one that can be challenging.” 

Andrew then noted that although there are similarities between the royals, there is one key difference between Margaret and Harry when it comes to loyalty. “There are also many parallels between the relationship between Elizabeth and Margaret and William and Harry. William is dutiful, serious, considered, cautious, just like the Queen. I think one of the main differences between Margaret and Harry was that Margaret was always loyal to the crown,” said Andrew Morton.

The biographer concluded that the Queen has a lot of love for Prince Harry and continued to be ‘understanding’ and ‘there for him.’ Morton said, “She [The Queen] has a lot of affection for Harry. She was there the day Harry lost his mother and has been there for him ever since. She has deliberately taken him under her wing. I think as a grandmother she has been far more understanding than as a mother at times.”

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