Prince William appears to break royal protocol at Wimbledon with shocking remark

Prince William appeared to break royal protocol at Wimbledon as the Duke was caught on camera saying something rather rude

Prince William appeared to break royal protocol
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Prince William appeared to break royal protocol when he joined Kate Middleton on the ninth day of Wimbledon as they watched the start of the men's singles quarter-finals.

Prince William and Kate Middleton attended Wimbledon on Tuesday and delighted royal fans as they say in the Wimbledon Royal Box and passionately cheered on the players.

While the royal couple appeared composed for the royal engagement, some eagle-eyed fans think they spotted a blunder from the Prince. The Duke of Cambridge was caught on camera as he seemed to be close to swearing and saying the f-word. One fan tweeted the video snippet of the Prince with the caption, "Haha Prince William saying no, no, no fu*k it lol #Wimbledon."

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Of course, members of the extended royal family are not supposed to be swearing in public and this was breaking quite a key royal protocol. However, fans enjoyed this hilarious error from the Prince and many took to social media to say that they actually loved seeing the Royal Family making normal mistakes.

"The Duke of Cambridge has his moment like the rest of us a slip of the tongue," said one fan. "Bit of a character, just like his grandfather," said another.

Others were unsure that the Prince even said the swear word, and some thought that perhaps the Prince had opted for a milder exclamation. "He was about to say "for goodness sake" when the camera cut away," argued one fan. "I think Prince William was complaining about being too hot so was loosening his tie," said another.

Prince William

(Image credit: Karwai Tang / Contributor / Getty Images)

Body language experts analyzed William and Catherine's behavior while attending this sporting event in London. One expert claimed that Kate Middleton and Prince William's Wimbledon appearance proved they are 'connected on a deeper level' as the couple acted in unison with one another and didn't pack on too many overt public displays of affection.

While at this event, the Duchess' polka dot dress stunned fans as Kate showed off her favorite trend with her lovely Wimbledon look. This blue polka dot dress is certainly going to be added to the list of Kate Middleton's best Wimbledon looks.

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