How Kate Middleton and Prince William's Wimbledon appearance proves they are 'connected on a deeper level'

Kate Middleton and Prince William's Wimbledon appearance has demonstrated the royal couple's strong relationship, says expert

Kate Middleton and Prince William's Wimbledon appearance
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Kate Middleton and Prince William's Wimbledon appearance delighted fans who loved seeing the playful royal couple at a sporting event.

At Wimbledon on Tuesday, July 5, 2022, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge sat in the Wimbledon Royal Box and watched the start of the men's singles quarter-finals. The royal couple wasn't showing any PDA (public displays of affection) but a body language expert has revealed that the royal couple revealed quite a lot about their relationship during this appearance. 

Speaking on behalf of Slingo, Darren Stanton revealed to woman&home, "she [Kate] and William are a pair that appear so connected on a deeper level that they don’t need to be showing continuous signs of reciprocal liking - like being tactile or prolonged eye contact - during public outings to prove they have a deep connection. It is noticeably visible without the need for the couple to indulge in overzealous PDAs and is a testament to why Kate and William have the confidence to attend events as individuals as much as they do as a couple. For instance, Kate, walking across the bridge as she arrived to the grounds, displayed the same level of confidence solo as she did when sat alongside William in the stands."

Kate Middleton wearing a blue polka dot dress at wimbledon tennis

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Darren also added that even when the couple is focused on watching the match, they are moving in complete unison with one another.

"It’s clear to see that both Kate and William are invested in the action on the court as they watched a game on Centre Court. It’s interesting, as the couple was in complete unison with their behavior while spectating - during a tense moment on the court, Kate was seen anxiously tucking her hair behind her ears as William pulled an expression of tension," said Darren. 

The body language also added more specifically about the Duchess, "At times, we also saw Kate smiling broadly with enjoyment - she has become known for always displaying genuine emotion and Wimbledon was no different. Her smiles were sincere and her whole face was engaged as she soaked up the atmosphere."

Kate Middleton

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Kate Middleton showed off her favorite trend as she wore a blue polka dot midi dress paired with pearl earrings and white heels. The body language expert also decoded the possible meaning behind this look.

“Attending Wimbledon, Prince William was seen sporting his trademark suit, while Kate opted for a striking blue dress with polka dots - again, ringing true to her power colors, red and blue, that she tends to adopt for a certain types of events. When she is happy for the attention to be focused on herself and William, she’ll opt for one of her power colors, otherwise, Kate makes sure to keep her outfit choices neutral in order to divert attention to where it is more appropriately suited," said Darren.

Darren concluded that this appearance at Wimbledon highlighted that the royal couple is not afraid to be themselves, even when appearing in public at a royal engagement. 

"As always an outing on such a public scale sees Kate and William setting the scene and a precedent for how things are to be for when William becomes King. They are two individuals who aren’t afraid to be themselves while still upholding their Royal duties graciously and as best they possibly can," said Darren.

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