Prince Harry reveals disturbing reason behind absence of Meghan's 'traumatized' rescue dog

Meghan Markle had to leave her beloved rescue dog, Bogart, in Canada when she first moved to the UK to marry Prince Harry

Prince Harry reveals what happened to Meghan's 'traumatized' dog Bogart before royal wedding
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Prince Harry has shared the sad truth behind Meghan Markle's rescue dog, Bogart, revealing why the Suits star was forced to say "goodbye" to her precious Labrador before moving to London. 

Prince Harry has shared the disturbing story of Meghan Markle's former rescue dog, whom she was forced to leave behind in North America before she moved to the UK. 

Writing in his new memoir, Spare, the Duke of Sussex said that the Suits star bid farewell to her entire life in Toronto ahead of her emigration to London and subsequent marriage into the Royal Family. Perhaps one of the most difficult separations she faced during this process, however, was from her beloved rescue dog, Bogart. 

"She's said goodbye to her friends, goodbye to her car, goodbye to one of her dogs – Bogart," Harry explains. 

Meghan welcomed Bogart into her life in 2012, after finding the German Shepherd Labrador cross at a rescue shelter in Canada. It was reported back in 2017 that the Duchess of Sussex had been unable to bring the adorable canine to England when she became engaged to Prince Harry due to the UK's strict pet laws. 

The 38-year-old royal has now shared new details on Bogart's inability to join Meghan in the UK and revealed how the duchess found a way to rehome him. 

"He'd been so traumatized by the siege of her house, by the constant ringing of the doorbell, that his demeanor changed when Meg was around," Harry wrote. "He'd become an aggressive guard dog. Meg's neighbors had graciously agreed to adopt him."

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Meghan first confirmed that Bogart had remained in Canada when she left for the UK during her 2017 post-engagement interview with the BBC. 

"I've had two dogs that I've had for a long time, two rescue pups," the US actor revealed. "One is now staying with a very close friend and the other little guy is, yes, he's in the U.K. He's been here for a while. I think he's doing just fine." 


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'The other little guy' Meghan's referring to also happens to be named 'Guy', and was lucky enough to accompany his adoptive mom across the Atlantic Ocean. He reportedly broke two legs in 2017 but has fortunately managed to recover after receiving world-class treatment from 'super vet' Noel Fitzpatrick. 

Guy has been joined at Meghan and Harry's £14 million Santa Barbara mansion in Montecito by two other dogs – Pula, a black Labrador, and a rescue beagle named Mia. The duke joked in October 2022 that he and his wife "basically have five children", now that they are parents to Archie, 3, and one-year-old Lilibet as well as their three canine pets. 

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