Prince Harry cut oldest friend from wedding after snide comment about Meghan

Prince Harry cut his oldest friend from his royal wedding with Meghan Markle because of snide comments made by his childhood pals

Prince Harry cut oldest friend from wedding
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According to royal experts, Prince Harry ditched one of his childhood friends after they made rude comments about his then wife Meghan Markle.

Royal biographers Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand write in their book Finding Freedom that some of Prince Harry's childhood friends were not invited to parts of the ceremony for the most-watched royal wedding of all time.

According to The Mirror, Prince Harry's pal Tom Inskip (who was called Skippy by his close pals) told Harry to live with Meghan, "before doing anything more serious". The authors claimed that although Skippy's comment "came from a good place", Harry was "very hurt," and the friends' relationship was damaged going forwards.

When it came to the royal wedding day at Windsor Castle in 2018, the royal experts said, "Notable absents were Skippy, Harry's old friend, who had questioned the prince's relationship with Meghan, and his wife, Lara."

The experts revealed that although the couple was invited to certain parts of the wedding, the couple was uninvited to the main evening bash that A-list celebrities were invited to.

"They were invited to the wedding ceremony and lunchtime reception but didn't make the cut for the evening bash," said the authors.

Tom Inskip

Tom and Lara Inskip at Meghan and Harry's wedding

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It was then revealed that Skippy made rude remarks about Meghan during the brunch the day after the royal wedding.

"As a brunch the day after the wedding, Skippy told friends 'Meghan has changed Harry too much'."

"His Eton friend said the prince was awed by the likes of the Clooneys and Oprah. 'We've lost him', Skippy concluded."

The royal experts suggested that Harry's childhood friends believed that the long list of celebrities at the event, suggested that Harry and his wife were moving in a different direction from their childhood friends.

"Many of Harry's old friends said that the evening guest list was the Prince and his bride's way of saying 'these are the people we want in our lives moving forward'," said the authors.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Tom Inskip (3rd Left)

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Apparently, Prince Harry's friends weren't the only ones to make comments about this wedding as his own family also made some strange remarks.  

Zara Tindall's awkward comment to Prince Harry about his wedding day was revealed by a lip reader as Zara joked with her cousin about all the 'screaming' on the wedding day. Reportedly Harry was confused by this comment and didn't get the joke that his cousin was making.

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