Prince Harry makes Covid-19 comments that things are ‘better than we’ve been led to believe’ in new podcast episode

This is what he had to say...

Prince Harry
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Prince Harry has been criticised for his comments regarding the UK media.

Prince Harry has offered some words of reassurance for the public on a new podcast episode from Declassified, which tells stories of life in the military.

When Harry was discussing the incredible £25,000,000 that was raised for NHS charities by war veteran Captain Tom Moore, 99, Harry revealed that he was ‘incredibly proud’ to see people coming together to support each other and the NHS during the Covid-19 global pandemic, calling it “the very best of the human spirit”.

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Harry went on to say that the public should be comforted by the “human spirit” being shown within communities.

“It’s also proving that I think things are better than we’re led to believe through certain corners of the media,” he told the podcast host.

“It can be very worrying when you’re sitting there and the only information you are getting is from certain news channels, but then if you are out and about or you are on the right platforms, you can really sense this human spirit coming to the forefront.”

Harry also said that he hopes the volunteering continues after the crisis ends.

"It just makes me incredibly proud to see the Brits stepping up like this, but I really, really hope that this keeps going after coronavirus and after this whole pandemic has come to a close.

"It's about selflessness rather than selfishness and I think in today's culture, in today's world, we need more role models that are willing to put others ahead of themselves."

But while Prince Harry’s words were likely meant to reassure, some have spoken out against the Duke of Sussex’s comments, calling them irresponsible.

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Professor Karol Sikora, a former government advisor, told The Sun, “I think these remarks are outrageous.

“As for the media, I really don't understand what Harry's beef is. Journalists have been reporting the facts and have been doing great work in holding the Government to account.”

“The media has also championed the NHS and become a key ally of doctors, nurses and key workers. They should be applauded, not vilified.”

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Piers Morgan also waded into the debate, writing on twitter,'Prince Harry, from his Hollywood mansion, accusing the media of exaggerating the scale of this crisis in Britain is contemptible.

'It's the media that is exposing the real scale of it as our death toll rockets to highest in Europe & over 60 health workers have now died.'

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