Prince George's milestone 10th birthday marks huge change for the future King

Prince George's milestone 10th birthday will mark a big change for the young Prince for a number of important reasons

Prince George's milestone 10th birthday
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Prince George's milestone 10th birthday is set to take place this weekend on Saturday, July 22, 2023.

On Saturday, July 22, the Prince and Princess of Wales will be celebrating their son's birthday as the future King turns 10. This birthday is a significant change from the Prince's ninth birthday last year for a number of important reasons. 

When the Prince turned nine last year his responsibilities to the crown were far less. On his ninth birthday, the Prince was third in the line of succession and had only attended a few royal engagements. However, the Prince is now second in the royal line of succession and his tenth birthday will mark the first birthday he has celebrated with this added responsibility. 

Of course, the Prince and Princess of Wales have been easing their son into public appearances and his royal responsibilities, but given the increase in attention on the family, and the number of royal events over the past year, such as the Platinum Jubilee and Coronation, there has been a huge amount of attention on the young Prince.

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This will also be the Prince's first birthday since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. This means that the Prince will be celebrating his birthday without a gift or a kind message from his great-grandmother. 

In another big change for the Prince, this will be the first time he has celebrated his birthday in his new home that he has lived in for less than a year. Last autumn the Prince and Princess of Wales moved their family from Kensington Castle to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor. 


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This also meant that Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, all changed schools and likely made a whole host of new friends at Lambrook School. If Prince George is having a party in celebration of his special day, this will also mean that he may have a whole new group of school friends who are attending his party, another major change for any young child.

While Princess Catherine and Prince William have remained rather quiet about their private plans for their son's double digits birthday, it has been reported that Kate Middleton has a sweet but very normal birthday tradition for George, Charlotte and Louis. The Princess has revealed that she likes to bake her children's birthday cakes herself and often stays up late the night before to ensure that she can create impressive celebration cakes after they have all gone to bed.

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