Prince George to take on huge coronation responsibility despite Kate's concerns about 'overwhelming scrutiny'

Prince George's coronation role has been revealed, and it's a huge responsibility for the Prince who is just nine years old

Prince George's coronation role
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Prince George's coronation role has been revealed, and the young prince is playing a key role in the ceremony - which is a concern to some members of the Royal Family.

A post from the Royal Family has just revealed the pivotal role that Prince George will play in the King's coronation. "Throughout the Coronation Service on 6th May, Their Majesties will each be attended by four Pages of Honour. The Pages will form part of the procession through the Nave of Westminster Abbey," read the statement. "The King’s Pages of Honour will be His Royal Highness Prince George of Wales, Lord Oliver Cholmondeley, Master Nicholas Barclay and Master Ralph Tollemache."

"The Queen Consort’s Pages of Honour will be Her Majesty’s grandsons, Master Gus and Master Louis Lopes and Master Freddy Parker Bowles, and Her Majesty’s great-nephew, Master Arthur Elliot," concluded the announcement.

This is a huge responsibility for the young Prince as he will be a key part of the ceremony, which is set to be televised across the world.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

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While many may see this position in the royal celebrations as a huge honor, it has been rumored that George's parents share some concerns about the young Prince being in the spotlight. Kate Middleton's heartbreaking concerns for Prince George facing 'overwhelming scrutiny' at coronation were revealed by a source that spoke to The Times.

The newspaper reported, "Royal sources say Charles and Camilla are eager for George, as a future king, to feature, and William and Kate are also keen, provided a role can be found that does not subject him to overwhelming scrutiny."

The Prince is the youngest of the pages at the coronation and the only one of the boys to not have reached double digits. He is also the most famous of the pages and therefore can expect the most media attention on the day of the ceremony.

Unlike Prince George, the King's other grandchildren, Prince Louis and Prince Archie, will not be Pages of Honour at King Charles’s Coronation. It can be presumed that both of the boys are considered too young to appear in a major role in the celebrations.

Prince Louis

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Despite reported Princess Catherine's reported concerns about the Prince's involvement in the ceremony, a spokesperson also told People that the Prince and Princess of Wales were pleased their eldest son would be involved in this historic moment.

"His parents are very excited and delighted that he is a page," a spokesperson for the Prince and Princess of Wales said. "It's something that his parents have thought long and hard about and are very much looking forward to — and I'm sure George is, too."

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