Prince George ‘looks so much like his dad’ in adorable new birthday portrait

Kensington Palace has released a new image of Prince George and fans are delighted by his resemblance to his father Prince William

Prince george at the euros ahead of his 8th birthday
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Prince George is celebrating his 8th birthday today and to mark the occasion, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have shared a new photograph of the young Prince.

The photo, which was taken by the Duchess of Cambridge, shows Prince George sitting on the hood of a Land Rover as he smiles at his mother.

The young Prince is wearing navy shorts and a navy and orange striped polo shirt from John Lewis, with his tousled blond hair swept to one side.

The caption says, “Turning eight(!) tomorrow 🥳🎂 📸 by The Duchess.”

Fans praised the sweet image but were shocked by how similar Prince George looks to his father Prince William. 

"Oh my goodness look how much he resembles his Dad..and grandmother. Happy Birthday, young Prince!" said one.

"Looking more and more like his dad," said another as a third commented, "He looks so much like his dad!"

A photo of Prince William in 1990, at the Guards Polo Club when he was just 8 years old, reveals how similar the Prince and his son look. 

Although the fashion may have changed in the last few decades, the Prince and his son do share a striking resemblance. 

Prince William

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And the compliments continued, “her highness photography never disappoints!” said one fan who was clearly impressed by the Duchess’ talent for photography. 

“What a lovely photo as always from The Duchess, George is looking so grown up! 🥰” said another.

Duchess Catherine has been behind the camera on many occasions and particularly enjoys taking photos of her family to celebrate their special occasions.

Prince Louis’ birthday was celebrated with an adorable unseen photo taken by Kate Middleton as was Princess Charlotte's sixth birthday, as members of the royal family celebrated her special day by sharing an image taken by her mother the Duchess of Cambridge.

In the newly released photo of Prince George, he sits atop a Land Rover that appears to be parked by a field in the English countryside.

This seems to be a sweet tribute to Prince George's late great-grandfather, Prince Philip. The late Duke of Edinburgh owned many Land Rovers throughout his lifetime and was very fond of this type of vehicle.

So much so, that as the Queen bid a final farewell to her husband Prince Philip at his funeral, his coffin was bought to St George's Chapel in a modified Land Rover hearse.

The Duchess of Cambridge has clearly put some thought into the styling of the photograph. 

Happy 8th Birthday, Prince George! 

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