Queen to give Prince Charles new title to mark transition of power, expert claims

prince charles new title queen elizabeth
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The Queen is likely to give Prince Charles a new title when it comes to the heir apparent taking over, claims an expert. This will be to mark the transition of power.

  • Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne since 1952, serving as queen for 67 years.
  • She is likely to stay on the throne until she dies, so will give Prince Charles a new title to mark the transition of power, an expert has claimed.
  • This comes after the royal news that Prince Harry's and Duchess Meghan’s titles could be changing too, as they are up for debate in the coming month.

Queen Elizabeth has served on the throne for the last 67 years and a royal expert has claimed that she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

It is believed that the Queen, who ascended to the throne back in 1952 after her father King George VI passed away, will remain on the throne until she dies, rather than abdicating and passing the crown to her son Prince Charles.

prince charles new title queen elizabeth

However, a royal expert has suggested that to mark the transition of power between her and next-in-line Charles, the Queen will bestow a new title onto him.

Speaking to the Royal Central podcast, royal expert Moniek Bloks suggested that the Queen won’t follow suit of several other European monarchs, who have passed their crowns onto their descendants.

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‘I think if anything happens, it’s more likely she’ll make Charles regent instead of completely abdicating,’ said Ms Bloks.

prince charles new title queen elizabeth

‘I think it’s very unlikely that she will abdicate.’

By making Prince Charles regent, the Queen would be passing on the majority of her royal duties to her 70-year-old son, without losing her role as reigning monarch.

prince charles new title queen elizabeth

This move would mark the transition of power between the mother and son, before Charles would be crowned king after Queen Elizabeth II passes away.

The Queen would be able to make the move by triggering the Regency Acts, a series of laws that allows the removal of powers from the monarch to an appointed member of the Royal Family, should the monarch be unable to carry out their duties.

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