Prince Charles reveals he was ‘utterly heartbroken' after receiving tragic news in moving video

Prince Charles
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Prince Charles has revealed in a video message that he was ‘heartbroken’ after hearing of the tragic passing of a teenage boy due to COVID-19.

Prince Charles, who’s currently at Birkhall, in Scotland, with his wife Camilla, shared a moving speech to mark the start of Ramadan.

His message was part of a virtual Iftar – when Muslims break the fast together, which can't be done at the moment due to lockdown – organised by The Prince’s Trust's The Mosaic Initiative and the Naz Legacy Foundation.

During the video, which was partially shared on the Clarence House Instagram page, Prince Charles mentioned Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab - the healthy 13-year-old boy from Brixton, London, who tragically passed away alone in hospital a day after testing positive for COVID-19.

His family were not able to attend the funeral because they had to self-isolate.

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"I was utterly heartbroken by the tragic story of Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab, a previously healthy thirteen year old boy, who passed away without the comfort of having his family by his side”, Prince Charles said.

"Every bereavement, from whatever cause, is made even harder for families by the current restrictions on funerals.

"I can only too well understand how agonising this must be for those affected and I know their enormous sense of grief will be shared by countless others - including myself.

"Under these appallingly challenging circumstances, my wife and I can only offer you all our kindest and most special wishes and stress just how greatly the contribution of Muslims to the life of the United Kingdom is appreciated and valued."

The Prince of Wales goes to on to say thank all the British Muslims working as key staff in the many roles that are keeping the country going.

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“Many British Muslims, of course, will spend this Ramadan on the frontline of the Covid crisis, working in our NHS or in other key roles”, he added.

"Most tragically, I know that a number of highly experienced and invaluable doctors and nurses from the Muslim community have lost their lives to this pernicious virus.

"To their families and colleagues, I can only convey my deepest possible sympathy; and to everyone on the front line, of whatever religion, I offer my profound admiration and heartfelt gratitude for everything they are doing - for all of us."

Our thoughts are with Ismail’s family and the many others affected by the pandemic.

If you want to donate to Ismail's family, visit the GoFundMe page created to help cover the funeral costs and help during this difficult time.

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