Move over coronation chicken! King Charles and Queen Camilla divide fans with brand new celebratory dish

A new coronation dish has divided fans as the Royal Family announces a recipe that will be served at the Coronation Big Lunches

coronation quiche
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The Royal Family has just announced a brand new celebratory dish for the coronation weekend - and fans are shocked as the royal couple moves away from traditional coronation chicken.

In a move that has shocked royal fans, the Royal Family has announced a Coronation Quiche Recipe which is set to be the festive dish to be eaten across the world in celebration of the Coronation in May.

The post on social media announced, "Introducing… Coronation Quiche! 🤩Chosen personally by Their Majesties, The King and The Queen Consort have shared a recipe in celebration of the upcoming Coronation Big Lunches taking place up and down the country."

The post explained that the recipe can be easily adapted for 'tastes and preferences' and the recipe features, spinach, broad beans, cheese and tarragon. The post also explained that the dish is part of an initiative by Eden Communities, "The Coronation Big Lunch aims to bring neighbours and communities together to celebrate the Coronation and share friendship, food and fun. The Queen Consort, as Patron, has attended Big Lunches all across the UK and the world, including in Ghana and Barbados."

For Queen Elizabeth II's coronation, the classic dish that became hugely popular in the UK was 'Coronation Chicken'. This is a classic dish and although the recipe differs from person to person, ultimately it is chicken in a thick creamy curry sauce that is served cold. 

While fans were happy that the King and Queen were opting for an updated dish, many were appalled by the inclusion of broad beans in the dish. "Beans in a quiche must be an English thing!" said one commenter. "Lost me at the broad beans," said another. "Beans in quiche? That’s weird," added yet another.

Others were slightly more impressed and thought they could easily adapt the recipe."Looks delicious, although I would happily forgo the broad beans," said one commenter. "Ah what a beautiful reel, been inspired to make this quiche for the coronation lunch thank you and wish you all well 😊," said another.

This quiche isn't the only dish that has been shared by the Royal Family as there are other recipes on the Royal Family site that suggest how fans can get involved with the celebrations and try out a new recipe.

Other recipes that have been released are; Ken Hom’s lamb with an Asian-style marinade, Nadiya Hussain’s yoghurt-topped aubergine, and Adam Handling’s strawberry and ginger trifle. These recipes well and truly state; Goodbye coronation chicken!

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