Meghan Markle's super sleek shiny hair delights fans as she debuts new look at important event

Meghan Markle's super sleek shiny hair was the star of the show at a recent event as the Duchess switched up her classic style

Meghan Markle's super sleek shiny hair
(Image credit: Ted Talk)

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, made a surprise public appearance as she supported her friend, Misan Harriman, by introducing the photographer ahead of his Ted Talk.

Meghan Markle looked incredible as she made a cameo via video message to introduce her 'dear friend' Misan Harriman. The Duchess changed up her style as she appeared to have dyed her dark locks a lighter and more autumnal shade of chestnut brown. Instead of styling her hair in her go-to loose barrel waves, the Duchess also had straightened her hair and wore her sleek look with a center parting. 

The contrast on the video was high but Meghan's skin was clearly glowing, her eyes looked bright, and her face was blemish free as she introduced her photographer pal to the stage. 

Sharing the moment on social media, Misan Harriman said on Twitter, "The Duchess of Sussex was kind enough to introduce me unto the stage for my @TEDTalks Thank you for the support Meg."

In the video clip introduction, Meghan said, "Our next speaker has an unmatched eye for a good photograph. I’ve experienced his talent firsthand as he has captured many meaningful milestones for me and my family, and I know there are many others who share in this experience."

This of course referenced the times that Meghan has shared an image of Misan's to show her children growing up, or to announce to the world that she is expecting another child.

"His lens has photographed everything from events that have changed the world, invisible moments we all desperately needed to see, along with some of the plant’s most recognizable faces. But, this was not always his path and you might be surprised to hear not who but what he credits for his success. I am so thrilled to welcome to the TED stage my dear friend, Misan Harriman," the Duchess concluded.

Fans loved the sweet words from Meghan to her friend, but many were simply obsessed with the Duchess' new look. "The gorgeous shiny layered hair, the glowy sun-kissed skin, the melanin! Meghan Markle the woman that you are," said one fan.

"#MeghanMarkle is glowing Hair & Skin looking fabulous. I guess knowing she doesn’t have to endure the scrutiny of the Press/Media & cold shoulder of some, in person next month #Coronation," said another.

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