Meghan Markle lets slip this adorable nickname for Prince Harry during first Archetypes podcast episode

Meghan Markle has a sweet term of endearment for Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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Meghan Markle released her first podcast episode of Archetypes this week - and with it came new revelations about Meghan and Harry's time in The Firm. But revelation of the less serious kind, was what the Duchess of Sussex calls her beloved in private. 

Meghan Markle's long-awaited Archetypes podcast dropped yesterday, with Meghan discussing important issues, such as race, motherhood and feminism, alongside tennis legend - and Meghan's close friend - Serena Williams. 

Towards the beginning of the recording, Meghan's husband Prince Harry made an unexpected cameo. 

“Hi! You wanna come say hi? Look who just popped in," Meghan said. 

Serena then piped in, playfully imitating Harry's accent, adding, “Hello! Hello there!”

Harry is then heard asking Serena, “How you doin'?” 

To which Serena replied, “Good, how are you?”

Harry then gave Serena a compliment, saying to her, “I like what you’ve done with your hair! That’s a great vibe.”

To which the tennis star responded that she missed the couple and the pair discussed a potential visit.

Harry then let Meghan and Serena get on with recording the episode. When leaving the exchange, Harry said to the women, "have fun!"

To which Meghan responded, "Thanks my love," revealing her sweet pet name that she has for her husband.

The podcast has received mixed reviews so far, with many praising Meghan for speaking out about how ambition was frowned upon within The Firm. Others, however, have called the Duchess of Sussex "shameless" with regards to telling a story about how Archie narrowly escaped a fire while in South Africa.

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