King Charles reveals the 'secret' to a good kebab as he discusses his unexpected love of the popular dish

King Charles reveals the 'secret' to a good kebab as he gets the 411 on the inner workings of a takeaway and honestly - we're dying to know

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales cuts a celebratory cake at the Innovative Farmers 10th anniversary at Trefranck Farm, Nr Launceston in Cornwall on the second day of his annual visit to the South West, on July 19, 2022 in Launceston, England. The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall are on a 3-day visit to the southwestern region to celebrate the Prince of Wales' 70th year as the Duke of Cornwall.
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King Charles' love for kebabs may not be what you'd expect but the man is human - and kebabs are undeniably delicious. Be they meaty or vegetarian, the monarch was keen as mustard to discover the secret to the savory meal's deliciousness. 

King Charles III enters Mangal Kebab Restaurant as he meets members of the Turkish diaspora community on February 14, 2023 in Hounslow, England. West London Turkish Volunteers have been collecting, packaging and organising the transportation of food, blankets and warm clothing for people who have recently been affected by the earthquakes in Turkey.

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We've all marveled over the remarkably long list of food the Royal Family can't eat, but it appears that this list may only apply when they're on duty - if King Charles' penchant for kebabs is anything to go by.

During an outing to visit a West London charity that's aiding the ongoing relief efforts of the Turkey-Syria earthquake, the Telegraph reports that he made a pitstop at a local eatery.

His Royal Highness is reported to have been very curious about what makes the popular takeaway food so delicious - a bizarre question for an individual who doesn't cook his own meals.

As the old maxim says, 'customer is king,' but it's not every day that a business owner actually serves one. Mangal Kebab Restaurant in Hounslow, which is co-owned by one of the senior members of the charity the King was visiting, rose to the occasion with ease.

Britain's King Charles III (R) has a tea during a visit to the West London Turkish Volunteers, in Hounslow, greater London, on February 14, 2023, to meet members of the Turkish diaspora community who have been collecting, packaging and organising the transportation of food, blankets and warm clothing for people who have recently been affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. - The 7.8-magnitude earthquake on February 6 has killed at least 35,000 people and devastated swathes of Syria and neighbouring Turkey.

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Though they seemed a little surprised, understandably, the Turkish restaurant owner happily shook hands with the King and welcomed his inquiries, which included him asking what the secret ingredient is and, “how far back the tradition goes."

The monarch also offered his opinion as to what makes the ideal kebab. The secret? Well, according to the King, "it's all in the sauce."

The kebab has undeniably become a part of British culture, but its origins are firmly in the Middle East. Many stake claim to the beloved dish, including Turkey. 

One of the best known types of kebabs, the döner, is that twirling meat slab that's synonymous with your average kebab shop. According to the Guardian, the döner actually originates from Turkish communities in Germany. 

"Its origin is most often credited to either Mehmet Aygün or Kadir Nurman who, in 1971 and 1972 respectively, turned this Turkish dish into a street snack in West Berlin."

King Charles III visits the tent set up for Syrian earthquake victims after 7.7 and 7.6 earthquakes centered in Turkiye effected Syria at Trafalgar Square in London, United Kingdom on February 14, 2023.

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As the King points out, it's all in the sauce. The sauces traditionally served with this tasty dish are chilli sauce and garlic sauce. 

The monarch's love of these condiments is a total surprise in light of the deliciously pongy ingredient of garlic being one of the foods that's off the menu for the Royal Family.

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