Kate Middleton’s throwback leopard print skirt is a masterclass in making the bold print work for any occasion

The now Princess of Wales once stepped out of her fashion comfort zone in the bold print

Kate Middleton's throwback leopard print skirt is major inspiration on making the bold print more versatile
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Catherine, Princess of Wales is celebrated around the world for her style. She’s mastered a certain look, always navigating within both current trends and a sense of timelessness. However, in this throwback photo from early 2020, we were surprised to see the now Princess wearing a maxi leopard print skirt – a much bolder print than anything we’ve become accustomed to seeing her wear.

Leopard print – like marmite – seems to elicit a love or hate reaction from people.

There are those who adore the bold pattern, and we can thank the likes of Shania Twain and Mel B aka Scary Spice for making it such a pop culture print.

And while it’s a fun print worthy of celebrating, it’s not something you’d necessarily expect to be seen worn by a royal.

However, Kate Middleton did just that for an appearance back in early 2020 (before Covid shut the world down!) and her look is a great lesson in making the loud print more suitable for versatile occasions.

Kate Middleton's leopard print look was unexpected, but she still made it look professional

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Kate Middleton wore the leopard print skirt back in 2020, and hasn't repeated the print since

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The Princess hasn’t worn the print very often, so it’s really fun to see her playing with different styles as she crouches down and chats to children wearing the flowy skirt.

While Kate showcased leopard print in a more subtle way, she’s actually not the only member of the Royal Family who has been known to favour the feline print.

Princess Diana rocked a full leopard print halter dress while enjoying a vacation in 1990.

Diana’s dress was much louder than Kate’s dress, but the difference was Diana wasn’t taking part in an official engagement.

Princess Diana was known to favour the loud leopard print

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But that’s not to say other royals haven’t worn the print while out and about on the clock – and this includes the late Queen Elizabeth herself.

Of course, Her Majesty was famous for her bright and bold ensembles, a choice she made for selfless, sweet reasons which proved her natural ease at being a leader.

But nothing could have prepared us for the leopard fur coat she wore in an undated throwback photo.

The Queen wearing a leopard print fur coat is the sort of fashion moment we never expected

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While we haven’t seen the current Princess of Wales revisit the animal print recently, there are signs that the royal family are going back to a more playful outlook when it comes to the clothes they wear on official duties.

Earlier this year, Queen Camilla sported a jazzy leopard print shirt underneath a sturdy jacket. 

We love how Kate made the skirt work for an official engagement, but it could easily be worn for a social setting too. 

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