Kate Middleton's new 'safe bet' essential to avoid awkward 'wardrobe mishaps' during hands-on work days

Kate Middleton's turtlenecks are a 'safe bet' for her royal engagements, a fashion expert says

Kate Middleton's turtlenecks are 'safe bet' to avoid 'wardrobe mishaps' at work
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Kate Middleton has embraced a new go-to fashion staple as a 'safe bet' way to avoid wardrobe mishaps at work, a style expert claims. 

It's no secret that the Princess of Wales knows what she's doing when it comes to fashion, with many of Kate's dresses and gorgeous garments often selling out within hours of her wearing them. 

Whether she's sparkling at the James Bond premiere in a gold dress or rocking elegant activewear at a local sports club, Kate Middleton never fails to impress in the style department. 

The future Queen is also known to nail the dress code no matter what the event, somehow never appearing under or overdressed for the occasion at hand. 

One way Kate has been achieving a simple and 'safe bet' look lately, according to a style expert, is to center many of her outfits around a simple yet timeless piece – turtlenecks.

The high-necked tops are a staple in the 41-year-old's wardrobe at Adelaide Cottage, allowing her to look polished and elegant while also giving her much-needed protection against the UK's cold winter temperatures, while keeping her appropriately covered for getting hands-on during public visits. 

Turtlenecks or polo necks are also super versatile, making them the perfect addition to your capsule wardrobe this spring. 

Kate Middleton safe bet wardrobe essential

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"The beauty of a polo neck is that you can wear it in lots of different ways," stylist Susie Halper tells the Mail Online. 

Halper also says that the polo's fitted collar provides a 'conservative' alternative to V or scoop neck tops, which might not work as well when Kate is "bending down talking to children". 

Kate Middleton safe bet wardrobe essential

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Kate has been known to opt for turtlenecks for informal work outings, often tucking them into trousers or jeans to create a more relaxed finish. When the princess wants to dress her polos up, she tends to pair them with a skirt and tights. Kate Middleton's jewelry, a lot of which is surprisingly affordable, is another great way the royal jazzes up the basic piece. 

This is likely particularly important since the launch of the princess's Shaping Us campaign last month, which saw her spend plenty of time meeting with young children, parents, and teachers to promote the importance of Early Childhood Education. 

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