Kate Middleton's clever fashion choice that ensures her shirts are perfectly tucked in during engagements

Kate Middleton's perfectly tucked shirts may be down to this clever fashion choice made by the Princess of Wales's stylist

Kate Middleton's perfectly tucked shirts may be down to this clever fashion choice made by the Princess of Wales's stylist
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Kate Middleton's perfectly tucked shirts are very impressive - if not a little confusing - how does the Princess of Wales avoid the dreaded bunched-up shirt?

Anyone who regularly wears shirts tucked into their jeans, skirts, or trousers knows that it's not as simple as tucking it in in the morning and leaving it for the rest of the day. Typically shirts like to bunch up or creep out from where they've been tucked in, and you have to find a dignified way to tuck them back in. But this doesn't seem to be a problem that the Princess of Wales has ever come across.

Despite wearing lovely white shirts with her power suits and a wide variety of silk and cotton wrap shirts or simple button-downs, the Princess never seems to have any shirt bunching - and we think we may have just worked out why!

In this recent post, the Princess was snapped wearing a burgandy power suit which she paired with a plain white wrap shirt. But that's no ordinary white shirt! In fact the Princess wasn't really wearing a shirt at all - she was wearing a bodysuit!

The bodysuit of course looks like a cotton shirt at the top, but at the bottom of her top - which was covered by her high waisted trousers - the shirt transformed into a bodysuit. This meant that bunching or any riding up was simply impossible as there was nothing loose to rise up! 

This was the perfect fashion choice and meant that the Princess wouldn't have to ever worry about re-tucking her shirt mid-engagement, and could look perfectly pristine for the entire day!

Kate Middleton

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The Princess's go-to shirt bodysuit is from Holland Cooper, but there are plenty of brands that sell very similar looks. This means that you can opt for something casual or something high-end and even add this style or garment to a more corporate wardrobe! 

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