Kate Middleton's classic winter jumper and fur-lined cropped jacket is giving 70's vibes

Kate Middleton wore a classic winter jumper as she teamed up with a celebrity radio host for an exciting new project for Shaping Up

Kate Middleton wore a classic winter jumper
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Kate Middleton wore a classic winter jumper for a recent chat with Roman Kemp as the Princess collaborated with the celebrity for an important project.

The Princess of Wales teamed up with Roman Kemp on Friday, February 2, 2023, for an important project associated with Kate's work for early childhood development. For this event, the Princess and radio host were snapped outside as Kate wrapped up in a trendy winter look.

Fans may recognize the knitted jumper worn by the Princess as Kate Middleton's CBeebies jumper, which she wore in February 2022 when she told bedtime stories to children on television. The jumper worn by the Princess was purchased at British retailer Holland Cooper in a traditional Fair Isle style with a grey and white pattern and a super high rill neck. 

The relaxed style is perfect for a casual look with jeans, but could also be paired with skirts for a more dressed-up look. The detailed gold hardware on the cuff and shoulders also added a regal accessory to the Catherine's chill jeans and jacket look..

Cream Fairisle Knit jumper Holland Cooper | £175

Cream Fairisle Knit jumper Holland Cooper | £175

This cream jumper favored by the Duchess of Cambridge is made from extra-soft yarn in the traditional 'Fairisle' design. 

The Princess also paired the look with an LK Bennett brown fur-lined 70's style cropped jacket. The jacket is called the 'Darwin' Shearling Coat in Chocolate Brown but it is sadly no longer in stock by the brand.

This sheepskin style jacket has been in Kate's wardrobe for over a decade and she was first spotted wearing the look in 2011 around the festive period in December. It seems that Catherine is good at taking care of her clothes and held onto this item until it came back in fashion as a 70's throwback style look for a country walk. 

While on this walk, Roman and the Princess spoke about the importance of mental health and how fundamental it is for young children to have healthy and supportive attachments and relationships. Roman also opened up about his passion for mental health being ignited when a close friend committed suicide.

In August 2020, Roman's best friend and radio producer, Joe Lyons, committed suicide. Although Roman struggled with grief for a long time, he has now channelled this into something positive with his work to spread awareness about suicide in young people and how men are more likely to commit suicide than women. This collaboration with the Princess is the most recent step from the radio host to raise awareness.

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