Kate Middleton shows she's the Children's Princess in an adorable clip

Kate Middleton, the Children's Princess, shows that she is living up to her fan-given title in an adorable unearthed clip

Kate Middleton, the Children's Princess
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Kate Middleton, the Children's Princess, showed her maternal side in an unearthed clip that showed the Duchess hugging a number of schoolchildren. 

Kate Middleton's fans gave her a new nickname inspired by Princess Diana. Fans named Catherine the Children's Princess, which is much like the late Princess of Wales' nickname, the People's Princess. 

In an old clip from 2018, the Duchess of Cambridge showed that she is worthy of this lovely title as she interacted with schoolchildren from the Bond Primary School when she went to see the work of the Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative. In the clip, a group of schoolchildren lined up to shake hands with Catherine. 

However after shaking hands, one of the children went in for a cuddle as well. Of course, once one of the children had a hug, all of them wanted a hug, which meant that Kate ended up on the receiving end of a conga-line of children looking for a cuddle. 

This adorable moment was snapped and made into a Gif online which fans are loving. The Duchess seemed to give them all proper hugs with both arms and bent down to their level so that she could chat with them as they greeted her.

Fans loved this adorable video and many took to social media to compliment the Duchess for her kindness. "Aww, its like a comedy!I bet she was thinking, this will take all day! They went home and said "I hugged a princess"!!!" said one fan.

"In fits of laughter here! How many are there or are they going around a second time?" said one viewer. "I could watch this all day! So sweet!" said another. 

Kate Middleton

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The Duchess of Cambridge is known to be a bit of a hugger, and this is one of the key royal rules Catherine is known to break, even when attending royal engagements. Recently, Kate Middleton showed her caring side while discussing incredible stories with the subjects of her photographs. The Duchess was pictured hugging these individuals and chatting to them at length as she opened two new galleries at the Imperial War Museum. 

It is this type of sweet gesture that fans love to see from the Duchess of Cambridge and has allowed her to remain one of the most popular royals. 

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