Kate Middleton shows her caring side while discussing incredible stories with subjects of her photographs

Kate Middleton was reunited with the holocaust survivors she photographed as she showed a more sensitive side at a solo royal engagement

Kate Middleton caring side
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Kate Middleton has shown her caring and sensitive side at a recent royal engagement as she hugged holocaust victims she photographed for a royal project.

The Duchess of Cambridge showed off her sensitive side at a recent royal engagement in London as she chatted to two Holocaust survivors Stephen Frank and Yvonne Bernstein.

The Duchess hugged both of the survivors when she was reconnected with them at the event and even said to Stephen,  "Hello! I want to give you a big cuddle!" 

To this Stephen replied by giving the Duchess a big hug as then greeted his young granddaughters. 

Kate Middleton

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The Duchess also took time to chat to Yvonne as greeted her as if she were an old friend by giving her a hug. After this intimate gesture, Yvonne commented on the Duchess' cold hands, to which Kate replied with a laugh, "Oh, I've always got cold hands."

The pair then chatted for a while and had a brief conversation about Kate's challenges as a mother of three. Yvonne asked the Duchess if as a working mother, she had much of a chance to see her children. Duchess Catherine replied to this with a firm "yes" and said, "All the time, they are my priority."

Kate Middleton

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Fans were delighted to see Duchess Catherine relaxed and caring at this royal engagement and many took to social media to compliment the royal.

"Aw, that’s so nice!! I loved that she hugged him like a friend… she doesn’t do that often on engagements so it was special for sure," said one fan. Another commented that the Duchess was, "A breath of fresh air."

In January 2020,  Yvonne and Stephen visited Kensington Palace where Kate Middleton photographed the holocaust survivors with their grandchildren. The images were scheduled to feature in a gallery later in 2020 but due to the pandemic, this was delayed.

It was then announced in August 2021, that Kate Middleton's photos of Holocaust survivors were going to feature in a poignant war memorial gallery, and the images would pay tribute to the remembrance of the history of World War Two. The Duchess' amateur photography is part of a wider photography selection titled, Generations: Portrait of Holocaust Survivors.

This gallery project marks 75 years since the end of the genocide when the concentration camp Auschwitz was liberated from Nazi rule. 

The gallery, including the images taken by the Duchess herself, are all available to view at the Imperial War Museum in London.

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