Prince Harry embarrassed Kate Middleton by revealing her dirty nickname for Prince William

The Duchess of Cambridge's dirty nickname for Prince William was revealed by the Duke of Sussex during a very important event

Kate Middleton
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Duchess Catherine's dirty nickname for Prince William has been revealed and many are shocked by this saucy choice of nickname from the future Queen consort.

There are a number of Royal Family nicknames that are used within the close-knit family. It was well known that the Duke of Edinburgh called his wife the Queen, 'Cabbage' or 'Gary' and he would sometimes be called 'Stavros' because of his greek heritage. 

But while these names are sweet or a little bit cheeky, the nickname that the Duchess of Cambridge used for Prince William is actually rather racy. It was revealed by the Mirror, that Catherine used to call the Prince 'Big Willy' when they were at St Andrew's University together.

This was a somewhat private nickname until Prince Harry decided to be a cheeky brother-in-law and revealed this nickname while doing an impersonation of Kate - on their wedding day! Reportedly in 2011 on Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding day, Prince Harry gave a speech as best man and decided that this was the golden opportunity to mortify his new family member and reveal this dirty nickname.


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And 'Big Willy' isn't the only fun nickname the Duchess has for her husband, reportedly Catherine makes fun of his receding hairline and calls her husband 'baldy'. 

The Duke of Cambridge also has his own fun and apparently calls Kate the 'DoD' which stands for Duchess of Dolittle. He also apparently calls her 'Babykins' although that one is a little harder to imagine.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attend the official opening ofThe Glade Of Light Memorial

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Other royals in the family also have fun nicknames. Prince William's adorable nickname for Princess Charlotte has an international twist as the Prince calls his only daughter 'mignonette' which means 'small and delicate' in French.

Duchess Camilla’s regal nickname from Prince George, Charlotte and Louis has a wonderful ring to it, as the Cambridge kids refer to their step-grandmother as 'Gaga.' While this isn't Lady Gaga inspired, this is another adorable nickname that shows the Royal Family's close connections with one another.

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