Kate Middleton needs to dress 'more French' and wear 'more black', says former Vogue editor

The former Vogue France editor wants to see the Princess of Wales in YSL, Chanel and black clothing

Kate Middleton more French
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Kate Middleton is the fashion envy of royal fans across the globe, but former Vogue France editor, Carine Roitfeld, has said that the Princess of Wales is 'too polished' and needs to dress 'more French'.

"She only wears black at the funeral," the fashion expert told The Times. "Maybe it's a law in the Royal Family, but I would dress her more in black. Black eyeliner. More Saint Laurent, more Chanel, more French." She added that Kate is 'too polished' for her taste. Carine, who ran Vogue Paris between 2001 and 2010, also previously told The Telegraph in 2019 that she would like Kate to be more 'rock'n'roll' because she is 'very proper'.

The Princess of Wales is known for her love of colour, but just this week wore a black gold buttoned blazer and black skinny jeans black pant suit for a visit to Robertson Barracks.

Kate Middleton more French

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Kate’s all black ensemble included a stunning structured blazer with gold-toned buttons that was similar to her £549 Holland Cooper black twill one. The double-breasted design was flattering and the gold-toned buttons added a touch of glamour to Kate’s all back look.

She was at the Barracks in Norfolk to learn more about the operations of the Queen’s Dragoon Guards regiment and get an introduction to the regiment, as well as presenting medals and meeting the family members of troops. The Princess of Wales’s blazer was beautifully appropriate given its classic and understated quality and she complemented this and her black roll neck jumper with a pair of elegant black trousers.

In recent months, Kate has ditched her beloved dresses in favour of more pant suits. Experts have speculated that this shift in style is due to her more prominent royal role since the death of the Queen.

Royal historian Jessica Storoschuk told Page Six, "As we are now firmly in the King’s reign, Catherine is now starting to establish herself in her new role as Princess of Wales. Her trouser suits could be seen as a visual cue of her professional approach to her new position in the family."

Kate Middleton in a deep blue pantsuit

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Royal style expert Miranda Holder added to Hello!, "Princess Kate’s image has definitely taken on a more business-like feel ever since she became the Princess of Wales; her more serious wardrobe reflecting the gravitas of her heavyweight role within the Firm.

"She has literally been rebranded in line with her new level of authority as the Princess of Wales and her position as our future Queen. Kate has remained faithful to the same 'fashion formula' with her tailoring - choosing neutral colours which feel less frivolous than the prints and bright hues of the past."

She added, "In line with the Palace withholding details of her looks, this is most likely an attempt to detract from the Princess’ fashion and refocus our attention on the cause at hand."

And speaking of pant suits, when Carine was asked how she would style Queen Camilla, she explained that she would ditch her beloved frocks in favour of trousers because she is 'a woman who likes to ride horses, to go in nature' so when she is in dresses you 'don't believe her.'

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