The Duchess of Cambridge ‘fast-tracked’ this part of royal life

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  • The Duchess of Cambridge has come into her own thanks to the “relaxed” and “accessible” nature of her royal engagements during lockdown. 

    • Duchess Catherine’s relaxed approach to lockdown may have helped her ‘fast-track’ an important stage in royal life to becoming a leader in her own right
    • Body language expert, Judi James, has analysed her recent engagements and says she’s become more ‘relaxed’ and ‘accessible’
    • It follows royal news that Prince Harry felt ‘particularly down’ on this special day 

    The Duchess of Cambridge has remained a pillar of strength throughout lockdown – making regular appearances on zoom calls and completing royal engagements from the comfort of her Amner Hall home.

    And the opportunity for Catherine, 38, to show a more “relaxed” side could be the making of her, according to body language expert, Judi James.

    Speaking to the Express, Judi said she thinks Catherine has become a leader in her own right in recent months.

    “Kate’s lockdown might just have fast-tracked a very important stage in her royal role, from William’s wife to a future queen and sole operator in her own right,” she explained.

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    Like the rest of the country the Duchess has had to work from home, which has opened up a more “accessible” side of the future Queen.

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    She added, “It’s given Kate the perfect motivation to drop some of her more formal skills and reveal a much more relaxed and accessible side and this has allowed some hidden strengths to emerge.”

    Judi’s comments echo the sentiment of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices’ CEO, Tracey Rennie, who recently revealed how “friendly” “open” and “caring” the Duchess has always been when working with her patronage.

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    Talking to the Heirpod podcast, the CEO said, “She has always been the same, she’s been incredibly friendly, incredibly open, caring.

    “She is just at ease talking to a family with a child who has a really profound disability to a child with a brother and sister that might be running around, or even a newly bereaved family that is still coming to terms with a child dying.”

    According to Tracey, the Duchess’ friendly nature often has a life-long effect on the people she meets.

    “She always has a really positive impact on the conversation that she has with families, and they will never forget that for the rest of their lives.

    “Without her realising, she creates really precious memories for families.”

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