Kate Middleton ditches key item—indicating she's grown in confidence

Kate Middleton ditches the one thing she couldn't live without which is a sign the future Queen no longer feels as anxious at public events

Kate Middleton
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Kate Middleton has ditched the one item that an expert says is used to anchor people who feel nervous during public appearances. This is a sure fire sign that the royal has grown in confidence and no longer needs a distraction from being nervous.

Appearing to be effortlessly stylish every time you leave the house actually takes a lot of effort and Kate Middleton's dresses, latest hair transformation, and flawless make up are all carefully considered by a team of experts.

One stylist explained that apart from just looking good, there are tricks to help people who are nervous look at ease in public. We all have a crutch for times when we're feeling uneasy, and for Kate Middleton—that crutch is a clutch! 

Stylist Hannah Eichler spoke to the Daily Mail and explained, "Accessories have often been a clever trick for royals, as a means of busying nervous hands."

"Now that Kate has been a pivotal part of the Royal family for over a decade, she no longer needs tricks to draw attention away from shaking hands, and instead is at ease with public speaking."

The Duchess is known for her influence on style and her former accessory of choice also had the 'Kate effect'. As a matter of fact, sales of this designer handbag doubled after Kate Middleton was seen carrying it for three public engagements.

Kate Middleton wearing Eponine London

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Hannah added, "The Duchess of Cambridge’s collection of luxe handbags have received the fashion approval of even the most discerning designer bag experts, but the eagle-eyed among you will note Kate has ditched the look of late."

"With her newfound confidence in public speaking and engaging with members of the public comes a genuine desire to appear more genuine," she added. "Hands are considered the emotional barometer, and therefore using her hands to express her feelings allows Kate to connect more to those whom she is speaking."

However, Hannah said that the Duchess eschewing her bag-of-choice might also be to do with outfit choices and current trends. "The trend for pockets has meant that fashion fans are enabled to go hands-free!"

"Kate often opts for coats with disguised and patch pockets to keep a limited number of personal possessions," she added.

Trends come and go and whether Kate's movement away from her favorite bags is to do with the fashion or her confidence—we're sure she's chosen the best designer bags, that will hold their value and remain timelessly elegant!

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