James Middleton has decided on a major new chapter - and it's for a sweet reason

James Middleton has decided on a major change for his business, and it’s for the cutest of reasons

James Middleton has decided on a major new chapter for his business
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James Middleton, the younger brother of the Princess of Wales, has made a major change to his successful business. Formerly known as Ella & Co, James confirmed that he had rebranded his business to honour the bond he had with his beloved dog, and hopes to keep her legacy at the forefront of the business moving forward. James’ dog died earlier this year, and he credits the dog for helping him during his lowest moments as he lived with depression.

Earlier this week, Kate Middleton’s younger brother opened up on a major update for his successful business.

James first launched his natural pet food company in 2020, and named it after his beloved cocker spaniel, Ella.

Ella has been credited by the Middleton brother for helping him during his lowest times throughout his battle with depression.

The dog food business has proved successful, but now it’s time for a new chapter.

James Middleton is starting a new chapter, but still keeping his dog, Ella's legacy close by

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James confirmed he had changed the name from from Ella & Co to James & Ella.

Writing on his Instagram, he said “James & Ella: a new chapter. Well, since Ella passed away at the beginning of the year, I’ve spent a long time reflecting on how much she transformed my life.”

“It was a start of a new chapter without her, but I wanted to recognise the incredible bond we had, and to signify the symbiotic relationship between humans and dogs. Through James & Ella, I’ll be carrying on the legacy of the most incredible dog I ever had the pleasure of caring for, as she cared for me, with lots of exciting news to share later this year…”

“I am surrounded by her legacy”, he added, for a final sentimental note.

It was only at the start of the year that Kate’s brother shared the sad news that his beloved companion had died.

It was a particularly tough death – even moreso than usual for the sadness of losing a pet.

This is because James had credited the dog for saving his life. Appearing on BBC’s Sunday Morning Live in 2020 to talk about depression, he explained, “I got this diagnosis, and Ella came to all of my therapy sessions, which I was reluctant to go from the start. With her by my side, I really became confident in understanding that I had a mental illness.”

“I would go so far as to say that I owe Ella my life, and she doesn't know that.”

Ella’s legacy for the Middleton family extends beyond James, too. The cocker spaniel was the mother of Lupo, the black cocker spaniel that Kate and Prince William had for nine years until the dog's death in November 2020.

The Prince and Princess of Wales also got their next dog from James. Another black cocker spaniel — named Orla, meaning “golden princess” in Celtic made her debut in birthday portraits of Princess Charlotte shared to the couple’s social media page.

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