Inside Ivy Cottage, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s new home

Ahead of their 12th October wedding, Princess Eugenie and her fiance Jack Brooksbank have moved into their very first home together - the stunning Ivy Cottage, on the grounds of Kensington Palace.

Ivy Cottage

Ivy Cottage is one of many private homes on the grounds of the London palace. It’s said to be a three-bedroom home – although it’s thought to be one of the smaller residences within the palace walls.

Jack and Eugenie’s move to the residence came just four months after the pair announced they were engaged.

Ivy Cottage

It marks the first time that the couple have lived together throughout their entire seven-year relationship.

Prior to moving in to Ivy Cottage, Princess Eugenie lived with her sister Princess Beatrice at St. James’s Palace, in a four-bedroom private apartment.

But while Eugenie may have moved away from her sister, she’s certainly not far from family in her new home.

Who lives near Eugenie and Jack in Ivy Cottage?

Ivy Cottage is just a stone’s throw from the Princesses cousin Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle’s marital home, Nottingham Cottage.

In fact, Meghan and Eugenie are said to be getting on like a house on fire – so it’s surely lovely for both of them to have a friend nearby.

An insider recently told The Express how Harry, Meghan, Eugenie and Jack are all getting along brilliantly. They said, “Eugenie loves Meghan to bits and believes she is perfect for Harry. They are thick as thieves and may even all go on holiday together soon”.

Ivy Cottage

And while the name ‘cottage’ may suggesting a smaller, cosy home – it’s actually a bigger property than the Duke and Duchess of Sussexes house. As mentioned, it has three bedrooms, in comparison to Harry and Meghan’s two, and is almost twice as big.

And a similar property in the exclusive London area would well cost into the millions in value.

Most recently, Ivy Cottage was home to the deputy head of the palace’s property department. However, he retired from the post over two years ago.

Jack and Eugenie will also be very close by to her cousin Prince William, and the Duchess of Cambridge and their three children.

Catherine and William live at Apartment 1A, a four-storey, 20-room abode, just a few seconds walk away from Ivy Cottage.

Ivy Cottage

(Catherine and William’s home during renovations in 2013)

While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge extensively renovated their Kensington Palace home, it’s not clear if Eugenie and fiance Jack will be doing the same to their new cottage.

So how might Jack and Eugenie decorate Ivy Cottage?

It’s been reported that the royal couple have plans to extensively renovate their new home, in order to make it their own.

But how might Princess Eugenie redecorate when the house is ready?

If her recent interview with Harpers Bazaar magazine is anything to go by, the royal will have plenty of family photos doted around – and, given that she’s director of an art gallery – plenty of art on her walls.

She told the publication of her St. James’s Palace home, “My bedroom is full of photos my parents have taken. Mumsy took one of an elephant spraying water on its back, which is incredible, and there’s one Papa took of Balmoral Castle. I’ve got a lot of art that needs to be put on the walls. And there are shoes everywhere.”

Where was Eugenie’s childhood home?

Fergie and Andrew were gifted a 12-bedroom house called Sunninghill Park in Berkshire from the Queen as their wedding present in 1986. When Beatrice was born in August 1988 and then Eugenie in 1990 the girls grew up playing in the grounds with their mother and father.

However when Fergie and Andrew divorced in 1996 the girls continue to live there with their mother. In 2006, as the girls went off the university, Fergie moved out and the house was left abandoned.

Last year the house, which had been left to deteriorate, was demolished, making room for a billionaires plans to build a 6 bedroom home for him and his family.

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