Eugenie and Jack’s wedding body language revealed

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  • As all eyes were on Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank on Friday when they tied the knot at St George's chapel. But what did their body language tell us?

    Friday was a big day for the Royal family, who welcomed Eugenie’s husband Jack Brooksbank into the Firm with a lavish ceremony. The newly-weds may have revealed how it was love at first sight, but did their bodies on the day tell us the same story?

    TV body language analyst Judi James, gives us an insight into what they were thinking on the day….

    Using a mirrored, low-slung hand clasp to suggest demure behaviour, Jack and Eugenie share a very romantic and loving tie-sign here via the eye contact and matching smiles.

    Jack clearly fed off Eugenie’s confidence and happy smiles during the ceremony and this small conversation and non-verbal signalling was a very intimate and sweet moment for them both.

    This was the first of two kisses and although it needed a micro-gesture head-nod from Eugenie to set the ball rolling, Jack was quick to lean in and hold her around the waist with both of his hands before planting a very romantic-looking kiss on her lips.

    They are both smiling here but its interesting that Jack probably produced one of the most tactile royal ‘First kisses’ here by holding his new bride with both hands rather than trying for the no-hand-touch version that is more usual at royal weddings.

    Jack seemed to be so close to tears (or even crying) for most of the ceremony that he avoided sustained eye contact with Eugenie, presumably in case it made him even more emotional.

    With the service over though he looked far more relaxed and the pair were using mirrored body language poses and their happiest pinging smiles.

    Eugenie’s smiles seem to have the best effect on Jack, producing dimples and then a wide grin from this otherwise nervous and shy-looking man. As he holds out his hand and she places her own on top of it the couple communicate and share thoughts and emotions here via this series of loving tie-signs.