How the Duke and Duchess of Sussex paid tribute to Princess Diana in Archie’s nursery

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Reportedly, Archie Harrison has a photograph of Princess Diana in his nursery so his late grandmother can watch over him. We think that’s such a beautiful tribute.

A source told US Weekly that the couple chose to keep a framed photograph in Archie’s room at Frogmore Cottage as a small way of honouring her.

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Princess Diana

Tomorrow (31st August) marks the 22nd anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, which makes this revelation even more special. According to an insider, Prince Harry still gets “very emotional” whenever he speaks about his late mother.

In fact, the insider went on to say: "One of the things that first attracted Harry to Meghan was the way her kindness, determination and strength reminded him so much of his mum."

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Recently, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex paid tribute to Princess Diana on their joint Instagram account Sussex Royal, where they shared one of the Princess’ quotes about kindness.

US Weekly also reported that Prince Harry and Prince William always talk about “the little things about Diana that made them laugh, the ski trips and outings to Thorpe Park. The effort she went to on their birthdays - all of it."

The family plan to visit Diana’s grave, with Prince William and Prince Harry going together first, then the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex will join them along with their children.

A source told the Daily Mail that: “Harry wants Meghan to see his mother’s resting place”.

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