Why the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex never wear this colour

It's for a very simple reason...

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With so many people wanting to steal the style of both Duchesses, it’s no surprise that each of their outfits has been carefully examined. You can even get a replica of the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring!

And if you want to be serious about your royal style credentials, turns out there's one colour you should be avoiding.

After a lot of hard work and investigation, Harpers Bazaar Australia discovered that neither of the Duchess of Cambridge or the Duchess of Sussex have been spotted wearing the colour orange.

Apparently there’s a good reason for this, as royals, celebs, and anyone in the spotlight choose to avoid the vibrant colour because it ‘doesn’t photograph well’, according to The Express.

Duchess of Cambridge

Having said that, The Queen has happily worn the colour, and has stepped out wearing orange on a number of occasions. Her Majesty is known for loving bright colours, and we think she looks brilliant!

She was recently photographed at The Science Museum wearing a vibrant coat and matching hat, in classic Queen style. The monarch is definitely known for making a statement!

Duchess of Cambridge

But both Duchesses have been seen wearing yellow, which one could argue is also a bold choice. Meghan in particular chose a very vibrant shade of the colour and she looked amazing!

Unsurprisingly, Her Majesty has also chosen to wear yellow so it's a colour that looks good on the royal family.

Duchess of Cambridge

If the Queen likes it, perhaps the Duchesses might decide to try orange one day? We’re sure they’d be able to pull it off...

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