Duchess Camilla's Fitbit Charge 4 has been slashed to its lowest ever price

Duchess Camilla is often spotted wearing her beloved Fitbit Charge 4

Duchess Camilla in fur hat
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Duchess Camilla has been spotted wearing her Fitbit Charge 4 during numerous royal engagements over the past year.

Duchess Camilla has been snapped wearing one of the best Fitbits for women at royal engagements over the past year. The Duchess wore the Fitbit Charge 4—one of the pricier Fitbits on the market—with a stainless silver rim and a navy strap. 

Of the 7 Fitbit types, this one is rated for being the brand's most stylish fitness tracker yet and typically costs around £130 but is currently on sale for £89.99

The classy, more expensive type of Fitbit suggests that Duchess Camilla prefers the finer things in life—even when it comes to her health tracking accessories!

The Duchess is usually pictured wearing delicate bracelets and jewelry on her wrists, so fans were amused to see that the Duchess is just like us and likes to keep an eye on her health. 

"Love that the duchess is wearing her fit bit 😂," commented a fan on the Clarence House post that showed the Duchess' health accessory.

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The last time Camilla was spotted wearing her Fitbit Charge 4 was on her latest trip to Egypt with Prince Charles.

She was spotted petting a horse during a visit to Brooke Veterinary Hospital on the final day of her tour in Cairo.

The caption on the series of images said, "On the final day of #RoyalVisitEgypt, The Duchess returned to the Brooke Veterinary Hospital, where she first discovered the charity in 2006."

"Across Egypt, @thebrookecharity has four other hospitals and 28 mobile teams, which treat around 160,000 horses, donkeys and mules every year. 🧲"

The Veterinary Hospital has been running since 1934, during the pandemic, Brooke ran a feeding program for 1700 horses working at tourist sites across Egypt.

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla are expected to spend a few more days exploring this area that has been owned by the Duchy of Cornwall since its beginning in the 14th century. 

Before their trip to the Isles of Scilly, the royal couple was pictured at the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery, celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the launch of The Prince’s Countryside Fund ‘Confident Rural Communities’ network.

It was during this trip that Duchess Camilla joked about Queen's cake cutting incident as fans praised her 'naughty’ side

The Prince and Duchess are about to conclude their three-day trip to Devon and Cornwall but for the moment they are continuing to explore the coastal regions and continue performing their royal duties.

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