Duchess Camilla jokes about Queen's cake cutting incident as fans praise her 'naughty’ side

Duchess Camilla shows off her cheeky side in a new video with Prince Charles

Duchess Camilla
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In a sweet new video with Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla shows off her cheeky nature as she nibbles at cake and jokes about the Queen's sword incident.

Duchess Camilla and Prince Charles were snapped cutting a cake together and joking around at an event to mark the 10 year anniversary of the Prince's Countryside fund. 

The Clarence House Instagram page released a sweet video of the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles celebrating at the event at the Duchy of Cornwall nursery. 

The caption of the post read, "Happy 10+1 anniversary to The Prince’s Countryside Fund! 🎂"

"Founded by HRH, the charity is the only UK-wide charity that empowers family farms and rural communities to ensure their future."

"To mark the launch of The Prince’s @countrysidefund ‘Confident Rural Communities’ network, The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall this evening attended a reception at the @duchynursery."

"The network will bring together over 300 rural community organisations who have benefited from the charity’s programme since its inception in 2010."

In the video, the royal couple laugh at an enormous serrated knife that Camilla had been given to cut the cake.

Prince Charles joked, "This is the sort of saw I use to trim my tree," which was met with peels of laughter from the crowd.

Duchess Camilla then spoke to the crowd and said, "I won't have your sword!" before looking at Prince Charles and saying, "sword, do you remember the sword?" 

Prince Charles nods in agreement as he remembered the incident when his mother chose to cut a cake with a sword instead of a knife in order to be 'more unusual'.

A man off-camera announced that he had picked a saw-like knife instead of a sword deliberately. "I thought that had been done sir so I went for something new," he quipped.

Fans loved this interaction and many took to comment on the reference made by the couple.

"HRH has not forgotten about HM wielding a sword to cut the last cake! Absolutely love you both YRH!!" said one eager fan.

Other fans were less impressed with Camilla's knife as they were with the Queen's sword with one commenting, "Beautiful, I miss the sword."

Duchess Camilla

(Image credit: Chris Jackson / Staff / Getty Images)

After cutting the cake, Duchess Camilla had a cheeky grin as she swiped a bit of frosting from the cake while smiling at onlookers. 

"I love how Camilla nabbed a piece of cake," said one fan. "Great shots! Love Camilla taking a nip of the cake," agreed another.

"I love the Duchess' naughty face when she can resist a taste!" said one fan who particularly appreciated seeing the Duchess of Cornwall's cheeky side.

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