Did King Charles and Prince Harry talk before the coronation? Here's all we know about their secret rendezvous

Sources have claimed that King Charles and Prince Harry talked to one another ahead of the Coronation in a secret peace meeting

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It has been reported that King Charles and Prince Harry talked to one another privately just a few weeks before the Coronation.

King Charles and Queen Camilla's Coronation was a momentous historic event that took place just days ago. The world watched as the Royal Family descended upon Westminster Abbey to celebrate the new monarch, and many wondered if previous royal tensions might come to a head or be palpable during the day.

In the last year, the release of Prince Harry's autobiography Spare, and the Netflix docu-series, Harry and Meghan, put the royal couple in an uncomfortable position within the family and led to reports of potential awkwardness at the Coronation. 

However, it has now been reported that ahead of the coronation, Prince Harry and his father, King Charles, did actually reconcile in a private meeting in March.

King Charles made a public comment about his two sons

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OK Magazine reported, "Prince Harry still has ways to go in mending his relationships with his royal family members, it seems he kickstarted the movement by secretly meeting with King Charles III." 

It was suggested that when Prince Harry unexpectedly returned to the UK in March for a court appearance, he actually met with his father privately. 

An insider reported that following this meeting the father and son began talking again. "After that, the King finally started taking his son’s calls again," the insider claimed. The source added that the pair have now buried the hatchet because of their love for one another. "[Charles] strongly believes blood is thicker than water,” the source continued, "and deep down, Harry loves his dad."

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However, due to the tight timings and pageantry of the day, and the fact that Prince Harry jetted back to the US soon after the service, there were no photographs of the Prince interacting with his father at any point during the Coronation. 

There were also no photographs of the Prince with his brother, the Prince of Wales, another key member of the Royal Family with whom Harry is reported to have a very icy relationship with. In addition, there were reports suggesting, Kate Middleton didn't 'feel the need' to chat with Prince Harry at the Coronation after he said so much about her in Spare

The Prince was photographed chatting with his cousin Princess Eugenie, with whom he and Meghan have always had a close relationship. He also sat next to her husband Jack Brooksbank during the service and sat amongst other members of the Royal Family as a subtle show of unity. 

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