Kate Middleton doesn't 'feel the need' to chat to Prince Harry this weekend after he said so much about her in Spare

It has been reported that the Princess of Wales won't feel any pressure to speak to the Duke of Sussex at the coronation this weekend

Kate Middleton doesn't 'feel the need' to chat to Prince Harry
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Kate Middleton reportedly doesn't 'feel the need' to speak to her brother-in-law this weekend when the Royal Family unites to celebrate the King and Queen's coronation.

As the coronation is just one day away, some royal fans are curious about the tensions that exist within the Royal Family. Since stepping down as senior members of the Royal Family, Prince Harry and Meghan's Netflix series about their struggles in the spotlight and Royal Family has been released. Likewise, Prince Harry's damning autobiography Spare, has also been released, which contains a number of criticisms about various members of the family.

It has been suggested that unlike other members of the family, the Princess of Wales will not be feeling any pressure to speak with Prince Harry, following his comments about her in his book.

The Express reported that True Royalty founder Nick Bullen said, "After Harry said so much about Kate in Spare, and about Camilla, the extended family – his stepmother, his sister-in-law – none of them really feel the need to follow up with a conversation."

Some of the comments made by the Prince included a story about Kate Middleton’s ‘awkward’ moment with Meghan Markle when the Duchess asked Catherine if she could borrow her lipgloss and Kate 'grimaced' at the request. Similarly, private stories about the family were also revealed, and there were also reports that Carole Middleton was' incredibly hurt' by Prince Harry's comments on Kate.

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Some recent reports have suggested that Princess Catherine is 'relieved' that Meghan Markle won't be attending King Charles's Coronation.

Nick Bullen also reportedly told US Weekly, "Kate and Meghan, there was never really any relationship beforehand."He added, "You'd struggle to find pictures of just them together, there was that moment at Wimbledon and that's about it. They have no need to speak to each other."

 Historian, writer and broadcaster Tessa Dunlop told OK! that Meghan and Catherine's relationship is "frosty but it’s polite," but "they are clearly not that close."

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Tessa added that the Princess of Wales will never publicly discuss family problems. "Kate is a well-mannered girl, she got brought up in a public school, she’s never going to dish the dirt, she’s never going to give what others want, no matter how often you pick the scab." She added, "There’s going to be a lid on that relationship and it will remain decorous in public".

The expert then compared the sisters-in-law, "Kate’s values were deference, appropriate levels of self-possession within a system, don’t rock the boat, you make change through embracing the institution almost, the paradox, Meghan's the other way around - they're totally like inverted versions of each other."

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