Prince Harry to miss out on royal reunions with King Charles and Prince William as he makes unexpected UK return

Prince Harry is in London's High Court for a court case today on March 27, but this is why a royal reunion won't be taking place...

Prince Harry will miss out on a royal reunion
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Prince Harry will miss out on a royal reunion with his father King Charles and his brother Prince William, despite making a rare trip across the pond from California to London.

Prince Harry was snapped arriving at the High Court to settle an ongoing legal battle involving Associated Newspapers Ltd (ANL), the publisher of the Daily Mail.

The Duke of Sussex was joined by other high-profile figures who were also making the same complaint to the organization. This included Elton John, Elizabeth Hurley, and Sadie Frost. 

Despite the fact that the Prince has not stepped foot in the UK since the funeral of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, it is thought that the Prince will not get the opportunity to spend any time with his family.

Prince William and Prince Harry

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The Prince and Princess of Wales are living in Adelaide Cottage on the grounds of the Windsor Castle estate which is not too far from London. However, as their children are currently on their Easter holiday break, it is thought that the family will have traveled to Anmer Hall in Norfolk for the holidays. This royal retreat hasn't been confirmed by the royals, but this is a go-to space for the family when they want a country retreat.

King Charles is thought to currently be staying in Highgrove House in Gloucestershire. The King was supposed to travel to France just a few days ago, but the riots in the country caused his trip to be postponed. The King and Queen consort is thought to be spending some time in Gloucester ahead of their upcoming trip as the King is scheduled to attend a state visit to Germany on Wednesday, March 29. 

This means that the Prince is unlikely to see his father or brother while he is in the UK unless he makes a trip to see either of them in their homes in the countryside.

Why is Prince Harry at the High Court?

Prince Harry is currently at the High Court in London because of his involvement in a case against ANL, which has been accused of phone tapping and other illegal methods of sourcing information for news articles.

Per Sky News, David Sherborne, the lawyer representing the Prince and the other claimants said in written submissions to the High Court that the allegations included "illegally intercepting voicemail messages, listening into live landline calls, obtaining private information such as itemized phone bills or medical records by deception or 'blagging', using private investigators to commit these unlawful information gathering acts on their behalf and even commissioning the breaking and entry into private property."

Elton John

Elton John at the High Court on March 27

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It has been suggested that these illegal news-gathering practices have been used by the ANL for years. "They range through a period from 1993 to 2011, even continuing beyond until 2018," said the barrister, David Sherborne.

Adrian Beltrami KC, quoted some of Prince Harry's letter of claim in court and shed some light on the specific times the Duke felt he had been under specific surveillance. "Indeed, the Duke was aware throughout this period of the intense interest in his life shown by the media and by Associated, of 'strange things happening around his phone communications', of 'unexplained disclosures of private information' in Associated's publications and of journalists from Associated 'regularly turning up at different locations which you would never expect them to, including South Africa... despite the extreme lengths my security team and I went to in order to protect my security and privacy'," said Adrian quoting the Duke.

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