A cheesy new pic of King Charles has everyone saying the same thing

A cheesy photo of King Charles is delighting royal fans on social media - and many of them have the same compliment for the King

A cheesy new pic of King Charles has everyone saying the same thing
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A cheesy new pic of King Charles has just been posted by the Royal Family as the King stepped out in Lincolnshire.

On Monday, the King visited a cheese farm and factory in Lincolnshire and learned about how Poacher Cheese has been made in this location for the past five decades. The King chatted with workers at the farm and images showed him standing in the warehouse amongst a number of cheese wheels.

The fabulously cheesy images showed the King being dwarfed by shelves upon shelves of cheese wheels and fans loved seeing the King in his element and learning all about this farming industry. But there was one specific detail that had fans all making the same comment.

The fourth image in the carousel posted by the Royal Family was a close-up image of the King with a broad smile across his face. His Majesty looked genuinely gleeful and fans couldn't help but enjoy this sweet image of the King having fun at this engagement.

"Love to see the King Smile. 🤴" said one commenter. 

"Love this! And what a smile, in that second last photo!" said another, while a third wrote, "What a beautiful photo of the King❤️. 

"King Charles always looks so relaxed and happy these days no matter what he is doing," added yet another fan.

This was perhaps a more informal image of the King, which could be why fans were so drawn to this fun photo of the King looking relaxed and engaged.

This engagement would have also been of interest to the King who is known to have a passion for farming, specifically organic farming which he practices at his Gloucestershire home, Highgrove House

cheesy new pic of King Charles

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Just days before becoming King, Charles revealed that he was considered an 'idiot' for many years because of his pioneering passion for organic farming. "One of the reasons I went organic 40 years ago was because I felt there was an overuse of antibiotics. And I felt that if you overdo it, you end up with resistance. Anyway, that’s happened. I was told I was a complete idiot for even suggesting going organic," he said via The Guardian.

The King kept a busy schedule and later in the day had another engagement to attend with veterans who served in World War 2. 

For his second engagement of the day, the King visited the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of Operation Chastise. Images at the event showed the King sitting down to chat with the elderly former members of the Royal Air Force who had served in World War 2 and hearing about their memories of this operation.

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