Princess Catherine 'deserves' this royal honour but it's down to King Charles to decide if she gets it

It has been claimed that Princess Catherine 'deserves' this royal honour - but has still yet to be welcomed into this exclusive club

Princess Catherine 'deserves' this royal honour
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A royal expert has claimed that Princess Catherine 'deserves' a particular royal honour, but her entry into this unique order is in the hands of the King himself.

A royal expert has claimed that the Princess of Wales 'deserves' to be inducted into the Order of the Garter, following her dedicated service to the Royal Family.

Ex royal staff member, Paul Burrell told Slingo, "I wanted the King to invest Kate into the Order of the Garter, but he didn't do it. I'm hoping that the King will invest Kate into the most noble order. 

Paul, who worked as the late Princess Diana's butler for many years, was referencing the Garter Day in June 2022, which was the first to take place in person since 2019. It was announced at this time that Queen Camilla was going to receive the Order of the Garter, the ‘oldest and most senior’ honour in Britain, but Catherine was not included in the list of those receiving this title.

Order of the Garter - Princess Catherine 'deserves' this royal honour

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"I'm hoping he's going to do that, if he does it will make headlines, she deserves it. She's our future queen, she's a Princess of Wales, it's time for her to become a Lady member of the Garter," said Paul.

There is still some confusion about how many members of the Royal Family that can be welcomed into the Order of the Garter, but Paul cleared up these rumours. "She [Princess Catherine] doesn't have to wait for someone to die because there's no limit on royal members of the Garter. So I think it'd be right and fitting if Kate and William both attended the Garter ceremony wearing the robes of the Garter," he added. 

Order of the Garter - Princess Catherine 'deserves' this royal honour

Order of the Garter

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But what exactly is The Order of the Garter? As explained by the official website for the Royal Family, it is "a group of honourable knights” thought to be "the oldest and most senior Order of Chivalry in Britain."

The Order was created centuries ago in 1348 by King Edward III, who was said to be fascinated with the legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. According to Windsor Castle's College of St. George, it was in 1344 that Edward "promised to renew King Arthur’s celebrated fraternity of knights, the Round Table, with its complement of 300 men." 

So who is a member of the Order of the Garter today? The Order includes The King, who is the Sovereign of the Garter, a number of senior members of the Royal Family, and 24 knights chosen in recognition of their work.

Prince William, Princess Anne, Prince Edward, Princess Alexandra, the Duke of Kent and the Duke of Gloucester are just some of the royals included in the garter.

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