Your six month horoscopes: Scorpio

The summer puts home and family firmly in the spotlight. A planned house move could be in the mix, plus additions to the family, either by birth or marriage. News, probably from someone far away, could take you on an unexpected journey, and last moment trips for business or pleasure could figure in your stars. July may see the successful conclusion of a legal matter and if you’ve been studying for exams expect some surprising results – possibly on or near 6th and 17th August. (These dates could also prove significant for other reasons so keep your timetable loose then.) September is not the smoothest month of the next quarter, if only because of what is happening on the national and international front but the second half of November has some seriously sweet moments. New Year’s Eve should be memorable…

Scorpio and passion are synonymous, as well you might rediscover during the summer. Venus and Mars make a sexy pair, especially when they’re transiting the zone of intimacy and joint resources, as they will in July. (Then again, you and your partner could channel this same energy into endless arguments over money. It’s your choice…) Journeys and foreign destinations have a part to play in the romantic story and if you start an affair in mid-to late July, early August or late December, the ripples will spread out across the length and breadth of your life. It may be pointless advising you to hold off making one of those famous all-or-nothing moves but especially on or near the 23rd June, 26th August and 23rd September and 24th December, restraint can only serve your best interests.

Work and money
There may not be a lot of actions you can take to help your professional and financial situation so I’m tempted to say, take the pedal off the metal and channel your energies into creative and personal pursuits. However, this is obviously not the time to act indiscriminately with money or your employers. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction (strongest in early July, mid-August and late December) could produce something of a miracle over a house sale/purchase, and if you have the wherewithal to buy a property, your investment will prove very worthwhile. Working from home could be the way to go and a joint business venture with family could also be a wise move. Just keep your eyes trained on the mid-September period, which could produce a very unexpected turn of events. Remind yourself: all change is good.

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