You Season 3 trailer has fans all saying the same thing

Netflix's You Season 3 trailer has been released and fans are obsessed with the show's even darker tone

You Season 3 trailer
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Netflix has released You Season 3 trailer and fans are already obsessed with the 'darker' new season which is set to be released in October.

Netflix's hit shot You has been a major hit since it first came to our screens in 2018. The show follows the life of a serial killer and deluded romantic, Joe Goldberg, who obsessively preys on beautiful women and kills anyone who gets in his way.

Since the second season aired on Boxing Day 2019, many fans have been desperately waiting for the release date of the third season. Although there have been hints and promo images released by Netflix, finally fans have something concrete information as the show has released a brand new trailer.

You Season 3 Trailer

Fans loved the trailer and many had the same reaction to a certain clip. The trailer shows Joe and Love attending a couples therapy session. The therapist says to the couple, "Neither one of you is gonna kill your spouse. You're many things but you're not murderers."

Joe and Love, who are in fact both murderers, look surprised and somewhat offended as they both cocked their heads after hearing the therapist's comment. 

Fans loved this snippet and many took to social media to comment on the moment. "The way they flinched when the therapist said 'they're not murderers' is just👌🖤" said one fan.

Another quoted the trailer and said, "'You are not murderers,' And that’s when they took it personally."

Others also pointed out that this series looked even darker than the first two seasons. "why does this season look crazier than the last two combined, how's that even possible," said one incredulous fan.

"I like how each season gets darker and darker. This actually looks like an actual thriller movie," said another.

You Season 3 release date

Netflix has announced that the release date for this show will be released in the UK and US on Friday, October 15, 2021, at 8am. 

At this time all episodes will be available to stream, so get ready to binge-watch the entire 10 episode series in one afternoon!

You season 3 trailer

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You Season 3 cast

In January 2021, Netflix confirmed You's Season 3 cast. Of course, Penn Badgley, who plays Joe Goldberg, will be returning as the main protagonist of the series.

Victoria Pedretti will also be reprising her role as the serial killer and pregnant mother to Joe's baby, Love Quinn.

The series has employed a wide range of new talent as many season 2 characters were killed off by Joe and Love. 

Delilah (Carmela Zumbado), Henderson (Chris D’Elia), and Candace (Ambyr Childers) were all murdered by the couple. Forty Quinn (James Scully), Love's brother, was also shot at the end of the series.

For this reason, there is a whole new cast of actors including Michaela McManus (The Orville, The Village), Scott Speedman (Felicity) and Dylan Arnold (Halloween, Nashville) who are joining the series.

You Season 2 recap

The end of the series saw Joe and his pregnant girlfriend Love moving into a new suburban home. 

Joe appeared to be pretending to be happy with Love as his narration revealed that he was disgusted by his girlfriend's murderous habits but was staying with her because she was pregnant.

As the final episode ended, the viewers watched as Joe fell back into old habits and found the next woman he would stalk. Unfortunately for Joe this new obsession was a little close for home as Joe began lusting over his next door neighbour. 

This cliff-hanger has left us all on the hook for over a year and fans cannot wait to see how Joe pursues his new love interest and how the gruesome twosome adapt to becoming parents. 

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