Yankee Candle reveals its 2020 Scent of the Year and it carries an important message about today's society

It's available for a limited time!

Yankee Candle

Popular scented candle company Yankee Candle has officially released its ‘entirely unique’ 2020 Scent of the Year.

Following the success of its Scent of the Year debut in 2019, Yankee Candle has proudly unveiled the winner for this year. To create the scented candle (opens in new tab), the company partnered with global trend experts in the fields of fashion, wellness, lifestyle, and culture.

The brand-new scent is called Awaken, and the company claims it ‘responds to our yearning to be in the present, to embrace simplicity and transparency, and to our search for items with true authenticity to bring into our worlds.’

Jennifer Genson, Fragrance Development Lead at Yankee Candle, described the scent as, 'a one-of-a-kind, crystalline mineral fragrance with grounding notes of driftwood and amber'.

She added, “With the clarity and brilliance of an uncut diamond, Awaken was developed to inspire you to open your eyes to the simple beauty of the everyday, giving you a clear, bright vision for the new year."

Explaining the research the brand did to create the 2020 Scent of the Year, Anna Whitton, Vice President of Marketing at Yankee Candle revealed that there is, “a significant cultural shift away from always wanting more: more options, more communication, more material clutter".

Yankee Candle

She added, “Increasingly, people want to simplify their lives, unplug from the constant chatter of technology, and reconnect with themselves and with those they care about.”

Awaken can be bought from selected retailers, as well as via the official Yankee Candle website, for a limited time. So if you want to get your hands on the unique scent, it won’t be around for long!

The candle retails for £25.99, for a large cut-glass jar. The website promises 110 hours of ‘soothing fragrance’, so you’ll be able to enjoy this year’s scent throughout 2020.

Additional fragrance notes say you should expect crisp and clean notes, sheer peony and crystal freesia at the top, clary sage essential oil, orcanox and driftwood at the mid, and finally the base leaves you with white amber, patchouli and mineral musk.

Sounds dreamy!

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