Who from MAFS Australia is still together? The successful couples from every season, including some unexpected pairings

These are the couples from Married at First Sight Australia that are still together now and you might remember some of these iconic pairings

Tori and Jack and Jade and Ridge from Married at First Sight Australia season 11
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Wondering who from MAFS Australia is still together? You’re not alone and there have been several successful couples over the years, including some unexpected pairings.

Whether you’ve watched Married at First Sight Australia season 11 or not, you might still be intrigued about which couples from the show’s nine-year history are still together. Ever since it started in 2015, MAFS Australia has been delivering plenty of drama and jaw-dropping moments with its match-making. Although the weddings on Married at First Sight aren’t legally binding, the relationships are very real and after the experiment is over many couples have remained happily in love. Of course, not everyone has stayed together and for those wondering who from MAFS is still together, we’ve got all the details on the couples whose love story has continued.

*Warning: Spoilers ahead* 

Who from Married at First Sight Australia is still together?

Jade and Ridge - Season 11 

When it comes to who from MAFS Australia is still together, this couple won’t come as any surprise at all to fans who’ve freshly watched season 11. The most recent season ended in the UK last month after being filmed in 2023 and Jade and Ridge from MAFS are a success story. Since MAFS they’ve gone on their first international holiday as well as on holiday as a family with Jade’s daughter Victoria. The couple regularly post pictures on Instagram singing each other’s praises and Ridge has got a tattoo of Jade’s name on him. 

Their journey on the show wasn’t without a few challenges as Jade did harbour some uncertainty over whether Ridge was ready to make a commitment to both her and Victoria. However, this seems to have been put behind them and although Jade confirmed in a recent Instagram story post that Ridge hadn’t moved from Sydney to the Gold Coast where she lives yet, this is likely on the cards. Speaking to New Idea in May they discussed how they wanted to have children - ideally boy and girl twins - and Ridge explained that he only sees them going “forward”.

”So I don’t plan on us going anywhere but forward together. More kids and then we can live happily ever after with Vee and our three dogs Rufus, Fendi and Evie!” Ridge declared.

Tori and Jack - Season 11 

Just like their fellow Married at First Sight Australia season 11 couple Jade and Ridge, these two are very much still together. However, Tori and Jack didn’t have as much of a smooth sailing journey on the show and their current relationship status might shock some fans. Tori stood by Jack on MAFS even after certain comments he made to another groom, Jono, and rumours that he’d had a secret relationship outside of the show. The experts and other couples were known to question Jack’s intentions towards Tori, however despite this they got matching tattoos and the couple seem to have flourished since being on MAFS.

Jack and Tori have shared many pictures and reels of themselves together on social media with adoring captions. Shortly before the reunion aired in the UK (after airing earlier in Australia) Jack shared a black and white picture with Tori with the comment, "Life is blissful". Whilst earlier this month Tori posted a loved-up snap and declared that "this right here is [her] guy".

Ellie and Jono - Season 11

Ellie and Jono are a MAFS success story, though not in the same way as Jade and Ridge and Tori and Jack as they weren’t actually paired up on season 11. Instead, Ellie was matched with Ben and Jono was matched with Lauren, however they found their way to each other. This was a huge twist for Married at First Sight fans after it came out later on. Ellie and Ben’s relationship ended in them going their separate ways and leaving the show earlier on before Final Vows even happened.  

Jono and Lauren continued on the show but in a shocking Final Vow ceremony Lauren called things off between them. After previously insisting to Lauren he hadn’t had feelings for Ellie and their bond was platonic, Jono and Ellie then attended the reunion together as a couple, though they maintain nothing happened behind Lauren’s back during the show. 

They confirmed their romantic relationship at the season 11 reunion dinner party and Lauren went on to tell Pedestrian that she let her former MAFS husband know that she supported him.

"Jono and I stayed in contact and I let him know that I support him and Ellie and they're a way better match," Lauren said. "It's all good and every time we talk, she'd be there and kind of be listening. She never apologised to me or anything but it was all good."

Jono and Ellie have since gone on their first holiday together and revealed on Instagram that they are already planning their next getaway.

Evelyn and Duncan - Season 10 

Like Jono and Ellie, Evelyn and Duncan from season 10 of Married at First Sight weren’t matched by the show’s experts and found love outside of this. Duncan was matched with Alyssa and Evelyn was matched with Rupert, but neither found a life-long connection with their partners. In May 2023 Evelyn and Duncan shared that they were dating each other and had been hanging out after the show - something that was made easier for them as they both live in Sydney.

Sharing snippets of their life together on social media, we know that Evelyn and Duncan have been on several amazing trips together. They’ve also gone on beautiful walks with their sausage dogs, Pickles and Mustard, and their festive photos of their first Christmas together are the epitome of idyllic. They are currently living together in a house with a garden that is perfect for their adorable furry friends. 

Melissa and Bryce - Season 8 

Melissa and Bryce are not only still together but have started a family together! The MAFS season 8 couple welcomed twin sons, Levi and Tate, in October 2021 after announcing Melissa’s pregnancy and their engagement in the summer. They tied the knot officially in February 2023, showing that whilst the weddings in the show might not be legal, there’s always the possibility of a real wedding in the future if romance blossoms. Posting ahead of their real life wedding, Melissa shared a gorgeous picture of her and Bryce in honour of their anniversary and referenced their “wild journey” to find love.

She wrote, "Happy 2nd anniversary @bryceruthven. I am so in love with you and I cannot wait to marry you in a few months. Here’s to us, our babies, our families and all that have loved us and followed our wild journey I love you".

Since their season of the show ended, this couple started a podcast called What Happens After… in which they revealed what it’s really like after appearing on a reality series like Married at First Sight. During the show their relationship was under a lot of scrutiny amid rumours of Bryce having a secret girlfriend but they remained committed to each other throughout and continue to live happily with their children.

Kerry and Johnny - Season 8

Kerry and Johnny from MAFS are another couple who’ve since gone on to get officially married outside of the experiment. They got engaged in 2022 and then their wedding took place in early 2023, starting off the year in such a beautiful way. If that wasn’t heart-warming enough to be getting on with, Kerry and Johnny announced in January 2024 that they’re expecting their first child together. Posting a picture of themselves with their dog beside a tranquil pool, Kerry and Johnny wrote, “Baby B incoming, June 2024 Thrilled to be adding a much wanted and already so-loved member to our family.”

They added that their “journey took a bit longer” than they had “hoped for” but was “not as long as others” as the couple added that they were “thinking of everyone still on their path”. As they wait to welcome their new arrival Kerry and Johnny's relationship has gone from strength to strength.

Jules and Cameron - Season 6 

Jules and Cameron were fan favourites on MAFS season 6 and they were also part of an iconic show moment when he proposed to her in the Final Vows ceremony. After their time on the show they got married in 2019 and a year later they announced the birth of their son Ollie. They then joined Kerry and Johnny as another Married at First Sight couple to share sweet pregnancy news earlier on in 2024. Jules and Cameron are set to welcome their second baby in July and revealed this with a special video.

“When 3 becomes 4” the couple wrote. “We both can only imagine our hearts' capacity to love will just keep on expanding…So excited to Announce we have a new addition to the family joining us in July!”

Jules and Cameron regularly share posts of each other and their family on social media and on 1st May 2024 Jules’s book, Ask Jules, was released, giving insights into her personal experiences and advice on how to go after the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Martha and Michael - Season 6 

Martha and Michael were a strong couple throughout Married at First Sight Australia season 6 and they’re still together now. The one thing that looked like it could have sparked trouble in paradise was the question of where they were going to live after the experiment, with Martha wanting to stay in Melbourne. They did end up living there before later moving to Sydney and they got engaged officially in 2021.

Since then Martha and Michael have gone on to welcome their first child, Lucius, in 2023 and the proud mum didn’t have the easiest time during pregnancy as she experienced Hyperemesis Gravidarum - the same extreme form of morning sickness that the Princess of Wales had with her pregnancies.

Martha and Michael frequently post stunning pictures of themselves and their family and although they haven’t tied the knot outside of MAFS yet it’s likely that this will be happening at some point in the not-too-distant future. 

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