Are Jono and Ellie from MAFS Australia still together?

Jono and Ellie were the most shocking pairing of season 11

Married At First Sight Australia Jono and Ellie
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Jono and Ellie were one of the most controversial couples of the 11th series of Married At First Sight Australia, shocking the group during the show's Reunion episode. 

If you're yet to watch the full series of watch Married at First Sight Australia, the couple confirmed their relationship during the last two episodes, after Jono had staunchly denied he had feelings for the former MAFS bride. Luckily for Jono and Ellie, the weddings in Married at First Sight Australia aren’t legally binding, so they could embark on their new relationship together. But that's not to say it still didn't cause a fair bit of controversy, with Jono's MAFS wife Lauren left devastated by Jono's betrayal. 

Many of the couples from MAFS do go on to have relationships in the real world and some have even had families with the partners the show's experts matched with them. But it's rare for a couple who potentially started as an affair to go the distance. 

With a lot of hostility towards the couple as the series drew to a close, viewers were left wondering what happened to Jonno and Ellie after the series ended and whether the couple are still together now.

*Warning: Spoilers for Married at First Sight Australia season 11 ahead*

Are Jono and Ellie from MAFS Australia still together? 

Jono and Ellie from Married At First Sight Australia are still very much together and regularly profess their love for each other on social media. The couple confirmed their relationship at the Reunion dinner party, where all couples from the series reunited for one last get-together. Jono, who had previously denied he had feelings for the former bride after it had been revealed that they had been texting regularly during the final part of the experiment. 

Despite the couple mutually deciding to end their relationship during Final Vows, Jono's (now ex) MAFS wife Lauren was blindsided when Jono appeared with Ellie hand-in-hand at the Reunion, explaining their relationship had become romantic a week after he and Lauren parted ways.

The new couple were held to account by the experiment's experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla who addressed Jono and Ellie's messages during the final episode on Tuesday 30th April, suggesting that the connection wasn't entirely platonic as Jono insisted.

Despite not being warned by Jono about his romantic developments with Ellie, Lauren has recently said there are no hard feelings between herself and the new couple. "Jono and I stayed in contact and I let him know that I support him and Ellie and they're a way better match," she told Pedestrian. "It's all good and every time we talk, she'd be there and kind of be listening. She never apologised to me or anything but it was all good."

While she's not in contact with the couple anymore, Lauren insists that she "doesn't have an issue. Lottie continued in the Pedestrian interview, "It wasn't until… some other stuff has gone down and I don't really speak to Jono and Ellie at all anymore but in my mind, it's all good. I really don't have an issue and I don't actually think about them, to be honest."

Jono and Ellie came under harsh criticism on social media after they revealed their blossoming romance. But the couple has shrugged off the negativity and appear to be having a great time together, involving a lot of holiday planning. The couple headed to Vanuatu for their first holiday together, which Ellie revealed was planned as a surprise for her birthday by Jono. 

She shared a picture from the date alongside the caption, "Our first holiday together. We’re on island time babyyyy." The couple both shared multiple snaps from the holiday, with Jono and Ellie beaming at the camera. Jono also revealed on social media that they're already planning their next holiday. 

Since leaving the experiment, Jono has made a shocking admission about his wife Lauren. On TikTok (via Planet Radio) Jono accused Lauren of having a partner on the outside. He said, "There was a massive bit of context that was removed. That is, Lauren had a partner outside of the experiment. She had someone she was interested in. She was good enough to tell me on the first day of the honeymoon. She said 'Hey I have someone outside, I'm not interested in a relationship, let's just look after each other and have fun'.

"Now, that changes a lot of things. She said that I was cheating on her and clearly that wasn't happening, she had someone else outside the experiment. At the final dinner party she did cry, she did cry because the table tore shreds through her. They said 'How dare you call Jono a cheater when you had a boyfriend the whole time', and she did get upset, she did cry, but guys, it wasn't because of Ellie and I. It just didn't happen like that."

It's a huge accusation, with fans raising questions on TikTok. "If that was the case why continue the experiment and sleep with her? strange. We love Lauren," one fan wrote. To which Jono replied, "Yeah that’s a good question. We slept together on the first night before she told me. Then a few times on and off throughout the experiment. Continued because I didn’t want to go home week one."

Another asked, "Why didn't you bring that up on the show? Why did you go the whole way through if you knew that?" Jono replied, "I did. Lots at the end, after Lauren first admitted it. But all on the edit room floor."

All episodes of Married at First Sight Australia season 11 are available to stream now on Channel 4.

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