There's an impending cicadas invasion according to Farmers' Almanac, so look out

And they're arriving sooner than expected

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Cicadas are coming en masse to delight us with their buzzing...and sooner than expected. According to Farmers' Almanac, our spring is going to be noisier than usual, so prepare your outdoor fun accordingly.

The reports indicate that Brood X of cicadas are one of three species that emerge every 17 years, and 2021 is their time to shine. After feasting underground for nearly two decades, these bad boys are gearing up for a big return that will likely take place from early May to late June in the United States, just in time for summer fun. If you live in the following locations, prepare for "swarms," per Farmers' Almanac: 

• Delaware
• Georgia
• Illinois
• Indiana
• Kentucky
• Maryland
• Michigan
• North Carolina
• New Jersey
• New York
• Ohio
• Pennsylvania
• Tennessee
• Virginia
• West Virginia
• Washington D.C.

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Although these swarms sound daunting, fear not: the cicadas are only emerging to mate and lay their eggs. (And, of course, entertain folks with their distinct buzzing.) They're not going to bite or sting like other insects, and those blood-red eyes and veined wings only look intimidating. In fact, Farmers' Almanac states that the arrival of cicadas actually represents reincarnation in some cultures and immortality in others, since their lifespan is one of the longest of any insect. They're actually symbolic!

If anything is going to put a damper on your outdoor fun, it's not going to be the bugs—it's going to be the weather itself. Farmers' Almanac also revealed its summer 2021 predictions for the U.S., and it doesn't seem as though we'll need our shades or bathing suits terribly often. According the report, "muggy" and "thundery" conditions await most areas of the country, but the seemingly more daunting reveals—including "oppressively hot" and "sweltering"—truly sitting well with us.

We're crossing our fingers that Farmers' Almanac will make some amends to the impending forecast—even if the cicada predictions remain the same. 

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