Farmers' Almanac revealed its summer 2021 predictions, and we're less than pleased

Talk about raining on our parade

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It looks like we won't be needing a new bathing suit any time soon. Farmers' Almanac just revealed its summer 2021 predictions, and we're having a difficult time processing the forecast. 

Terms like "muggy" and "thundery" are scattered throughout the US map, but the seemingly more daunting reveals—including "oppressively hot" and "sweltering"—are making us anxious, to say the least. Does this mean we'll need to swap our shades for umbrellas?

summer, farmers almanac

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Plus, upon its reveal, Farmers' Almanac teased its findings by saying, "See why we're calling this an ice-cream-melting, thunder-filled summer." Haven't we suffered enough?!

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According to the report, the forthcoming season will bring a "greater-than-average frequency of thunderstorms for a large portion of the country." What is a particular cause for concern is the extreme conditions certain areas of the U.S. might encounter. Widespread tornadoes are predicted for the middle of the country roughly around June and July, while the Central and Southern Rockies and Great Plains will encounter more extreme thunderstorms than usual. 

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Let's not forget about the heat. You'll want to make sure to stock up on the best haircare products because your locks are likely going to need extra TLC. The south and east are expected to feel hotter-than-normal temperatures, most likely towards the end of August and even early September. (Strong SPF encouraged!)

While we're not completely on board with the findings, there's (hopefully) still time for things to change and straighten out. Regardless of how the season pans out, we're still planning to make the most of it. Yes, that means we'll need a glass or two of the new Baileys Colada and a sip of the new White Claw flavor. Summer is worth celebrating, even if the weather isn't exactly what we've envisioned. 

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