What is jellyfish hair? Nicole Kidman's new haircut that's giving everyone 80s mullet flashbacks

Nicole Kidman has rocked the 'jellyfish cut' in her latest photoshoot, ditching her straight blonde hair for a quirky long bob

What is Jellyfish hair? Nicole Kidman's new haircut that's giving everyone 80s mullet flashbacks
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Nicole Kidman has divided the Internet with her new haircut, the 'jellyfish', and we can't lie - we're sort of obsessed. 

The Australian actor rocked a whole new look for her latest media appearance this week, switching up her straight blonde locks for a slightly less conventional style. 

Nicole has officially embraced the 'jellyfish cut', a gender-neutral hair trend that has grown popular on TikTok in recent months, as part of an edgy photoshoot for Perfect Magazine – and the decision has garnered quite the reaction online. 

Fans were quick to share their thoughts on the 55-year-old's chopped tresses, with many gushing their approval for the cut in the comment section of her Instagram post. The update comes just over a year after Nicole Kidman's new pixie haircut, which she wore for her TV show, Roar, also made headlines. 

If you're struggling to envision the marine-sounding style, let us enlighten you. Inspired by the silhouette of the stinging sea creature, the 'jellyfish cut' consists of two starkly contrasting sections. The top part of the hair is snipped into a 'bowl cut', with its ends only reaching the person's ears or chin, while the bottom half flows loosely past the shoulders. The end result should resemble the outline of a jellyfish's head and tentacles – or at least, roughly resemble it. 

Widely considered to be Gen Z's answer to the 1980s mullet, this layered style is the perfect solution for those who want to experiment with a shaggy crop without losing their precious length. Women with long hair over 50 will also be delighted to know that the 'jellyfish haircut' is fairly low maintenance, with many hairdressers advising clients to simply let it air dry for optimal results. 


Nicole Kidman last wore red hair in 2019 while she was filming The Undoing

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Never one to shy away from a dramatic hair transformation, Nicole's version of the 'jellyfish cut' didn't just require a pair of scissors. The Big Little Lies star also wore crimson hair for the artsy photo shoot, returning to the bold color for the first time since 2019. If you're looking for some red hair ideas to take to the salon, you know what to do. 

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