We didn’t expect Julia Roberts' iconic 1991 Golden Globes outfit to be back in style in 2024 - but it is

Julia Roberts’s less-is-more approach to the 1991 Golden Globes is SO on trend right now

Julia Roberts' iconic 1991 Golden Globes outfit is back in style
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Real talk: has Julia Roberts ever gotten it wrong?

The Pretty Woman icon is, thankfully, back to doing what she does best after something of a hiatus away from the movies, recently starring in a romcom with George Clooney and gripping Netflix viewers with the mystery drama, Leave the World Behind.

While we’re happy to have her back on the screens, it also means we get more legendary Julia Roberts fashion moments, like her monochromatic style while promoting her latest Netflix hit.

Julia Roberts won the 1991 Golden Globe for Pretty Woman

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Very rarely buying into extreme trends (that quickly burn out and often leave people cringing years down the line, which is why we’re quick to heed the deadly serious advice she’s sharing with her own teenagers) and focusing on a capsule collection and timeless looks, Julia Roberts’s best looks over the years would still look great for an outfit today, whether you were going out for catch-up drinks with your friends or wanting to look sophisticated for an event.

And none capture this effortless, forever-in-style essence than her 1991 Golden Globes look.

Ahead of the 81st Golden Globe Awards, taking place tonight (January 7) in Hollywood, we’ve looked back at Julia’s stunning menswear-inspired look for the ceremony over 30 years ago.

Julia Roberts' 1991 Golden Globes look

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Capturing the spirit of the time, when a more casual vibe was normal for red carpet events, Julia, like many other attendees, chose not to wear a gown to the 1991 Golden Globe Awards.

Instead, the actress – who was nominated (and would go on to win) for her memorable turn as Vivian in Pretty Woman that year - chose a cool, pinstriped suit comprised of a long, double-breasted blazer with shoulder pads (and nothing underneath), a matching skirt and sheer black tights.

The classic menswear inspired look was accessorised with smart, subtle touches, including pops of colour with dangly turquoise earrings and a small brooch on the lapel.

She completed the look with her trademark smile and voluminous hair, which was swept up in a messy, tousled look.  

Julia Roberts at the 1991 Golden Globes

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And the final accessory she had that night which isn’t as readily available to most people was Keifer Sutherland, who the star was dating at the time.

In 1991, Julia was riding high on the success of Pretty Woman, a film which is now considered an all-time classic but could have had a very different, and much darker, ending to begin with, and was a role that almost went to another actress.

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