The super unhygienic thing you should never do on a flight according to a cabin crew member

A flight attendant says you really shouldn't do this on a plane

unhygienic thing on flight
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A flight attendant has revealed one particularly unsanitary thing you should 'never do' on a plane, along with another no-no that it just plain rude. 

When it comes to catching flights, there's plenty you need to do to prepare. From making sure you book the best flight deal to deciding what you're going to wear on the plane, along with making sure you haven't forgotten your passport or suitcase

And there's apparently a few things that should be majorly avoided when jetting off, too. It's claimed you shouldn't take a hot shower before you head to the airport in order to avoid stripping your skin of hydration and moisture, while leaning your head against the window to nap is also said to be a no-go due to how many germs are harbouring there, even if you want to get some sleep on the plane. 

Now, a flight attendant has advised against another act that he sees to be a total flying faux pas. 

Experienced cabin crew member Tommy Cimato has shared some air travel tips on TikTok, admitting that he would never take his shoes off while travelling in the sky. 


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Speaking in his viral video titled '5 Things You Should Never Do On An Airplane', Tommy explained, "Do not ever go barefoot. Don't take your shoes off. The floors are filthy!"

He added, "I see so many people do this and it's just not sanitary. Don't do it."

unhygienic thing on flight

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Tommy also stated that rudeness to flight attendants never goes down well, especially if passengers click their fingers at members of the cabin crew to get their attention, making it another total no-no for flyers. 

"Do not snap at flight attendants. You shouldn't be doing this in general but to get someone's attention...You don't need to be doing that."

On a safety-focussed note, flight pro Tommy also recommends actually paying attention to the safety announcements that happen before take off, with plenty of passengers often zoning out and failing to listen to the vital info. 

"Don't ignore safety demos. In the unlikely event of something happening, if you paid attention, you are 80% more likely to survive."

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